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Data Protection: What’s new in Data Protector 8.1

GaganBhatia ‎01-16-2014 12:55 PM - edited ‎02-19-2015 12:45 PM

Happy New Year! Hope you all had fun with your family and friends during the Christmas break. I planned to stay home, but the weather was surprisingly gorgeous in the bay area. During the daytime, we reached 70° F, so I went hiking several days, and it was relaxing and refreshing.


2014 will be an exciting year for HP and data protection team. On November 21st we announced our Adaptive Backup and Recovery initiative that will deliver the world’s first self-aware, self-healing & self-managing backup and recovery solution. At the very core of the Adaptive Backup approach is the utilization of real-time operational analytics to optimally prioritize, predict, recommend and automate the backup recovery process to best meet resource and business SLA needs. In 2014 we will continue our journey to bring new capabilities in Data Protector to support this unique vision.


We’ve had a rocking start to 2014 with the general availability of Data Protector 8.1 release. DP 8.1, the first generation of the Adaptive Backup and Recovery technology, includes several core elements that lay the foundation for our vision.


In this blog I want to share some key new features of this release.


SAP HANA integration - provides application consistent backup of SAP HANA in-memory databases, recreates logs while the database is online, and restores data and performs database recovery to a state at the specific point in time or the most recent restorable state. The integration is done using the BackINT interface to enable HANA administrators to manage the entire backup and recovery process directly through the SAP HANA administrative console. The backups are supported to any secondary storage tier – disk, cloud, or tape.  Here is a blog post by Stephen Spellicy that provides some more information regarding SAP HANA integration with Data Protector 8.1.



Priority-based scheduling - The 8.1 release of Data Protector introduces a new advanced scheduler that includes flexible, more granular options to create a backup policy. With this new scheduler, administrators have the option to create backup jobs by the minute or on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis; including special options such as last day of the month or the year. A new priority option allows them to assign priority to each backup job. Priority settings supersede the first come, first serve rule and ensure that the higher priority backup jobs get executed first. The resource constraint environments can take advantage of priority settings to protect mission-critical applications before less important data. The priority settings are also useful during the events when some critical processes have to run on a system and backup has to be suspended. However, once those processes are done, system backup becomes the highest priority. With the help of priority based scheduling, administrators can make sure that the system backup is completed urgently rather than being stuck in the backup queue.



Instant Recovery support for HP 3PAR StoreServ – delivers a native agent for 3PAR StoreServ to extend Instant Recovery forLinux, and HP-UX platforms. Instant Recovery for Windows platform was already available. With this release, now HP Data Protector fully supports snapshot creation, management, and backup (Zero Downtime Backup) and Instant Recovery (IR) capability for 3PAR StoreServ array on Windows, Linux, and HPUX.



HP StoreOnce Enhancements - HP Data Protector 8.1 provides deeper integration with StoreOnce targets – both physical and virtual. Now with DP 8.1, administrators can easily create regular as well as encrypted StoreOnce stores directly from the Data Protector console. In addition, DP 8.1 includes advanced StoreOnce reporting for deduplication ratios and compression enhancements, especially when working with larger block sizes that have a small amount of changes. These enhancements further improve storage efficiency, reduce the amount of network data that needs to be transferred, and reduce the secondary storage cost for backup.


Disaster recovery enhancements - The 8.1 release of Data Protector augments Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) capability with new object selection methods, restore options, and new wizard pages that further simplify and automate the image creation and system recovery process. DP 8.1 allows administrators to inject additional drivers during the time of image creation or restore from the image. This greatly reduces the overall system recovery time. Additionally, with new recovery options, DP 8.1 automates the full system recovery including the restore of user data from Data Protector backup sessions.


These are some of the key features announced as part of HP Data Protector 8.1 to support HP’s vision to deliver a new class of adaptive and intelligent backup solutions. This release upends the traditional backup and recovery models by leveraging application and infrastructure awareness and operational analytics to improve business resiliency, continuity and uptime within the IT environment.


Be sure to look out for the new Adaptive Backup capabilities that we plan to announce in the next release of Data Protector.


Learn more about HP Data Protector:

Adaptive Backup and Recovery:



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Gagan Bhatia serves as WW product marketing manager for Enterprise Data Protection software within HP Autonomy business unit. He has over 15 years of experience in developing and marketing enterprise software including archiving, data protection, and information management solutions. He is based in San Francisco Bay Area.

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