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Information Governance: 8 key takeaways from LegalTech New York 2014

JoeGarber ‎02-10-2014 11:54 AM - edited ‎02-18-2014 08:26 AM

LegalTech New York, one of the largest technology events of the year for legal practitioners, wrapped up last week.  For a software vendor, it’s a three-day frenzy of customer meetings, booth visits, analyst and press briefings, and of course—a lot of fun.  As usual, HP Autonomy had a very strong presence at the event and one of the largest and most well-traveled booths (see picture, taken after hours).  



What did we learn through all of this activity, you ask? 


Here are my top takeaways from this week:

  1. The need for eDiscovery technology is alive and well – The number of booths with an element of eDiscovery this year was still quite high.  We often hear about market consolidation, but the presence of new vendors every year tells me that that the demand for innovation and new solutions remains critical to organizations of all sizes.
  2. eDiscovery is starting to move to the cloud –Every industry analyst we talked to this week spoke about how eDiscovery will eventually move to a SaaS-based, self-service model.  The combination of an organization’s desire for more simplicity and control, combined with increasing desires to focus on the matter versus the technology, combined with technology and security catching up with the strict standards of the legal industry, is driving many forward-looking organizations to rethink how eDiscovery software should be delivered. Fortunately, we were ahead of this trend with our announcement of HP eDiscovery OnDemand
  3.  The move to the cloud extends beyond eDiscovery – More and more, we’re hearing that law firms need a document and email management system that allows users to securely collaborate and share files in the cloud with both internal and external parties. This need is driving a key trend that is changing the ECM market. Last fall, HP Autonomy announced a solution that is well aligned with this need: HP LinkSite. LinkSite is a hybrid cloud solution that integrates HP WorkSite with HP Flow CM, HP’s public cloud file sharing and collaboration service. 
  4.  Information governance is coming of age – It seems everyone is talking about information governance (InfoGov) this year.  HP Autonomy naturally has a strong InfoGov portfolio which was highlighted at the event, but many other vendors, analysts, and customers were also talking about the need to proactively prepare for eDiscovery with InfoGov.  This was a noticeable change from previous years.
  5.  Attorneys are much more comfortable with new, complex technology than once believed – A few years ago, the general consensus was that attorneys would never adopt innovations like predictive analytics, because they were technophobes. Times certainly have changed.  Today, many attorneys we talk to are very current on technology trends and keen to kick the tires on new workflows and analytics. This awareness and interest keeps us on our toes and leads to even better innovation over time. 
  6.  Predictability in pricing is becoming even more critical – eDiscovery was once marked by complex fee structures, in many cases, for very logical reasons. But today’s organizations are pushing vendors to remove some of this complexity and provide “all-in” pricing when possible.  This trend benefits companies like HP Autonomy that own their full suite of eDiscovery software, and therefore don’t have to apply add-on charges for extra functionality like analytics, as many other vendors do.
  7.  The LegalTech crowd is hearty – With troublesome weather forcing many flight cancelations, I expected the show floor to be a ghost town. Wrong. Overall foot traffic was probably down a little from years past, but despite the challenges in travel, the show was busy.
  8.  HP Autonomy is back – It takes more than two hands to count how many people (analysts, customers, and even competitors) commented to me this week that HP Autonomy is back, or reborn.  Following a transition period that saw Autonomy admittedly wrestling a bit with being integrated into the broader HP, the newer and better HP Autonomy is now firing on all cylinders.  We are seeing significant innovation across all product lines, integrations with other HP business units, and product lines that deliver significant added value for customers (e.g., HAVEn, LinkSite, and a combined HP Autonomy/HP Enterprise Services InfoGov solution), and even a number of former employees returning to Autonomy to help us achieve the vision we all believe in. 

If you’re keeping tabs, here are links to the three announcements HP Autonomy made while at LegalTech:




Edited by Robin Hardy

About the Author


Joe Garber is Vice President of Marketing for HPE’s Information Management and Governance business unit – a division of HPE Software. In this role, he leads thought leadership, product messaging and go-to-market efforts for the organization’s Adaptive Backup & Recovery, Information Archiving, Secure Content Management and eDiscovery businesses.

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