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Information Governance: HP Supervisor - Supervision/Surveillance and Roadmap

JohnPepe on ‎10-01-2013 10:15 AM

 The HP Autonomy Legal and Compliance Team works closely with the top banks and brokerages in financial services since our electronic communications compliance solution, HP Supervisor, is the market leading platform. We often assist new customers with designing and implementing employee monitoring programs, but a majority of our time is devoted to offering industry best practices based on our experience with other high profile customers. HP Autonomy’s unique experience and position in the market allows us to spot trends, which we in turn feed into our product roadmap.

One of the clear trends that we are seeing is the merging needs between legal and compliance departments.



Traditionally, electronic communications are automatically scanned daily and a compliance officer would review exceptions caught by one of the compliance filters – referred to as ‘supervision’ in the financial services industry. Today, we are seeing compliance take a more active role in performing ad-hoc, event-driven ‘surveillance’ searching; a task normally reserved for legal / eDiscovery teams. The limitation is that compliance officers must rely on their legal counterparts to perform these in-depth searches of enterprise content since compliance applications usually do not store a full archived set of employee communications.


Such reliance on other departments puts compliance officers at a disadvantage since these surveillance searches are time-sensitive and the request and execution process by the legal teams may take several days. There exists, therefore, a need for archiving and compliance vendors to 1) understand the broadening needs of the compliance departments and 2) develop tools to meet those needs.   


In our pursuit of staying ahead of the market, HP Autonomy recently shifted the focus of our HP Supervisor solution from a pure ‘compliance’ to a ‘legal and compliance’ focus. The first step was to redesign the product team and the second was to rethink the HP Supervisor roadmap.


In regards the product team, HP Autonomy’s Director of Legal Solutions, Svetlana Godjevac has recently agreed to become Product Manager of HP Supervisor and evolve the solution to meet the market’s needs. Svetlana has been at HP Autonomy for over two years serving as the main Legal and Compliance Subject Matter Expert and Product Manager of our Digital Safe Discovery application. Svetlana has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and held previous roles at many high profile legal vendors on even higher profile cases. Svetlana’s many years of industry-wide legal expertise makes her well suited to take HP Supervisor where it needs to go.


HP Autonomy wishes Svetlana great success and is excited to see what the HP Supervisor Team delivers in coming Releases. Find out more through our Information Governance Portal.

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Delivering subject matter expertise in the area of financial services compliance and product marketing for HP’s eDiscovery and Supervision/Surveillance products. John has been a legal and compliance professional in the financial services industry for over 12 years. Prior to joining HP Autonomy, John was a compliance officer, auditor, and consultant for major banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management firms.

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