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Information Governance: Not all cloud-based archiving is created equal

LuisRomero ‎04-25-2014 11:00 AM - edited ‎04-25-2014 11:01 AM

In the world of information archiving, we hear quite a bit about cloud-based archiving, but the importance of the cloud component in these various solutions is often overlooked.


Just because one cloud solution may segregate your confidential data in a secure, private cloud, does not mean your data is similarly confined and protected in another solution.  In fact, many cloud-based archiving offerings will not meet the standards of an organization’s business and compliance requirements, whether it is security, data access, cost, or some other parameter.  Without an experienced and proven provider, the benefits of the cloud cannot be realized without incurring additional risk. 


Today, organizations have many options to choose from for cloud-based archiving.  It will be critically important for you to take a close look behind the curtain to fully understand the inner workings of the cloud supporting a particular solution and determine whether it fully addresses your organization’s business needs—and most importantly—its compliance obligations.  Below are few important questions  to ask when evaluating the cloud behind your archiving solution.


How secure is it?

-          Is the data stored in a public or private cloud?

-          To what degree will my information be segregated from the data of other customers, especially when

            dealing with sensitive, confidential data?

-          What standards and certifications are adhered to for data security, availability, processing integrity,

            confidentiality and privacy?

-          What measures are taken to protect data centers and ensure data verification?

-          How is authorized access to data controlled?


How does it lower my risk?

-          Can your cloud provide a greater or equal level of security than an on-premise solution?

-          Is an independent audit completed to attest to mandated compliance requirements?

-          How much total data volume is under management?

-          Is fully compliant WORM storage technology used for data storage?

-          How is data loss prevented in the event of a disaster?


Will it lower my costs?

-          Can services be scaled to meet specific usage requirements?

-          Are there any capital expenditures required for the service?

-          Will services be charged based on users or data volume?

-          Can data from legacy solutions be migrated to avoid managing multiple products?

-          What level of internal personnel resources will be required to manage the service?


How accessible is my data?

-          What data formats and information repositories can be consolidated and archived?

-          Can all data be accessed, searched and exported?

-          From what interfaces and types of devices will end users be able to access their data?

-          Can data be securely exchanged with external users, such as outside legal counsel?

-          How effectively can legal holds be placed on data in the cloud?


Obviously there are many more in depth questions to be asked based on your specific business priorities, but this should start you down the right path towards identifying the cloud-based archiving solution best suited for your organization.


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Luis Romero is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at HPE, where he leads product marketing for HPE’s Information Archiving solutions. Luis has over 13 years of experience in enterprise software and information archiving.

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