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HP Discover Barcelona 2013 – Julio Guijarro explores the future of cloud computing at HP Labs

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Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


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Guijarro Julio_3334VK_320.jpg“Most companies today are managing the demands of big data either by adding more employees or by limiting the scope of what they do with that data,” argues senior project manager of HP Labs cloud research, Julio Guijarro. Neither approach, he believes, is sustainable.


In a talk to HP Discover 2013 attendees on December 11th, Guijarro will outline the current state of cloud computing and ask what needs to change to meet our future needs.


In the near term, he says, the onslaught of data generated by social and mobile computing is forcing changes in how computing processes are run. They’re also requiring shifts in our approach to scale, connectivity, security, privacy, and accountability.


“Each of these pose multiple challenges to be solved, and I’ll be sharing how we’ve been working on all of them at HP Labs to strengthen our cloud portfolio,” says Guijarro. Tackling scale requires increased automation, for example, allowing people and machines to each focus on what they do best. Connectivity, meanwhile, becomes both more important and harder to do, as businesses find they need to interconnect different cloud environments – a need that in turn heightens the challenge of maintaining the privacy and security of data as it moves across those environments.


In addition, says Guijarro, “people are coming to expect that cloud computing will make things simple for them, so we’re asking: how do we bring all of these technologies together in a way that is easy for people to use?”


Further out, he believes, extending that simplicity in cloud environments will require new technologies and architectures. “I’ll be offering a peek at the work we’re doing to develop special-purpose CPUs and massive memory pools for the Cloud of the future, as well as new photonic technologies that will connect them,” Guijarro says.


Based in Bristol, UK, Guijarro has been researching distributed systems and big data for over 15 years, helping HP pioneer early cloud technologies. Among other projects, he was a co-founder of the HP Labs SE3D program, a pioneering cloud-based service for digital media production, which showcased the world’s first automated, market-based computing utility. More recently, he has helped deliver some of the biggest Hadoop production clusters in the world to HP customers. Guijarro holds an MBA from the London Business School and received his MSc in Telecoms from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain.


Discover attendees can attend Guijarro’s talk on Wednesday, December 11th, at 12:20 PM. Click here for information about other HP Discover sessions being presented by HP Labs researchers in Barcelona. HP Labs executives will also available at the HP on HP and HP Labs Guru Bar throughout the event for one-on-one conversations.

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