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Labs’ Deep Learning Cookbook headlines the launch of HPE’s AI platforms and services


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

On October 25, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced its launch of a package of artificial intelligence (AI) platforms and services, designed to help companies take advantage of the competitive edge AI can deliver to their businesses.

The HPE AI offerings include the Labs-developed Deep Learning Cookbook (including the Image Classification Reference Designs and the Deep Learning Benchmarking Suite), the HPE Rapid Software Installation for AI, the HPE AI Innovation Center, and the Enhanced HPE Centers of Excellence.

The democratization of AI

“HPE announced a number of new offerings,” said Labs Senior Research Manager Natalia Vassilieva, “but the common line, I believe, is democratization of AI, or how to make it easier for customers to navigate and embrace AI technologies.”

The timing is integral, according to Vassilieva.

“I believe at this point that most of our customers are at least intrigued by the opportunities provided by AI,” she said. “New proof points and amazing announcements are pouring in and many, many enterprises are intrigued enough to start asking, ‘How I can take advantage of this?’”

Because AI is so complex, HPE, with Labs’ help, is hoping to provide customers with a leg up by doing a lot of the work for them.

The Deep Learning Cookbook

As Vassilieva and Labs Senior Research Engineer Sergey Serebryakov described it in their recent post on the Labs blog, the Deep Learning Cookbook is based on a massive collection of performance results for different deep learning workloads on different hardware and software stacks, and analytical performance models. This combination allows the user to estimate the performance of a given workload and to derive an optimal HW/SW stack for that workload.

It is currently based on the extensive benchmarking of eleven workloads with eight deep learning frameworks and six hardware systems, including TensorFlow, Caffe, and Caffe2, as well as hardware systems from different HPE product lines, including HPE Apollo 6500, HPE Apollo 6000, and HPE Edgeline. And this list keeps growing.

The suite of AI tools

Among the other AI tools announced by HPE are new innovations such as the Rapid Software Installation, an integrated hardware and software solution, purpose-built for high performance computing and deep learning applications.

HPE also announced the creation of the Innovation Center, designed for longer term research projects. These centers will serve as a platform for research collaboration between universities, enterprises on the cutting edge of AI research, and HPE researchers.

Several enhanced Centers of Excellence – currently sited in Houston, Palo Alto, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Grenoble – offer select customers access to the latest technology and expertise including the latest NVIDIA GPUs on HPE systems.

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