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Labs distinguished technologist talks about the future of technology with Chinese TV


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Labs Distinguished Technologist Dejan Milojicic spent some time on the small screen, discussing tech predictions for 2019.  

He recently appeared on The Heat, an international news program broadcast by the DC-based CGTN America, owned by China Central Television.

Appearing with fellow guest Ray Wang of Constellation Research, Milojicic spoke with anchor Anand Naidoo about regulation and ethics in the development of AI. They also discussed 5G as an enabler of low-latency applications, such as remote surgery, and autonomous vehicles.

A transcript of the interview is available on the IEEE Computer Society webpage.

For more of Milojicic on tech trends, check out his interview with Big Data Made Simple .and Labs' blog.

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Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Dejan Milojicic

Thanks for the post, Curt! This is a follow on to a more detailed predictions the 10 of us (including HPE Fellow Paolo Faraboschi) made for IEEE Computer Society: 

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