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Meet The Machine



 By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

 Here's a fun video by Julian Smith on how The Machine solves the problem of the end of Moore's Law. There is also evidence of his ability to get people to carry him down the streets of Austin, Texas, the HPE light installation at SXSW, and Amish speculation. 

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Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Gary Truesdale

Very funny Julian Smith!  I'm ready to see some product.


Speaking of Star Trek Beyond and THE MACHINE...


"Without giving any spoiler alerts, we (HPE) collaborated on three different technological concepts in the film: the quarantine, the diagnostic wrap, and the book. Each of these concepts showcase HPE’s vision for the future of technology, but are rooted in developments we hope to introduce much sooner."

 I saw the movie and searched the Internet for references to the quarantine, the diagnostic wrap, and the book.  Alas, I found no explanations of those terms that I could relate to things I saw in the movie.  Yes, The Enterprise was prominent and I saw the HPE logo at least once, but otherwise, nothing much.  In light of that impression, I suppose the showcased "concepts"  may have had something to do with visual algorithm generation that powered Beyond's computer graphics backgrounds..

I would like to confirm that supposition by reading some explict references to the quarantine, the diagnostic wrap, and the book.  Surely that information exists somewhere and possibly it could be made public, yes?


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