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“Take a peek under the hood of The Machine project” in our first webinar












This year, Hewlett Packard Enterprise demonstrated a working prototype of the largest single memory system on the planet using the Memory-Driven Computing architecture from The Machine project. 

The prototype contains 160 TB of memory fabric-attached to 1,280 high performance cores, accessing the memory as a single, large memory pool.  Kirk Bresniker, Fellow and VP, Chief Architect for The Machine, will describe the overall architecture, and how it comes together. 

He will share some of our performance results on Memory-Driven Computing emulation platforms to show you what you can expect to see with Memory-Driven Computing and what this approach means for our future. Join us in this webinar on Wednesday, July 26, 7 am – 8 am US pacific time and learn about the motivation behind developing the prototype. 

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Hong Ding

Impressive! Indeed, a game changing vision.

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