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(VIDEO) From the Lab: Protecting the frontlines of cybersecurity from nanoscale to enterprise-scale


cybersecuritydiscover (Custom).PNG(l. to r., Rebecca Lewington, Bob Moore, Nigel Edwards)

By 2021, it’s estimated that cybercrime will cost the world economy more than $6 trillion. In our hyper-connected world, every device is storing and computing data making it a potential touch point for intrusion by a cybercriminal, ransomware, or malware. Understanding the shifting threat landscape is crucial to safeguarding data.

Watch the latest video From the Lab, "Protecting the frontlines of cybersecurity from nanoscale to enterprise-scale." Rebecca Lewington talks with Bob Moore and Nigel Edwards about security trends, present and future trends, and how Labs helps Hewlett Packard Enterprise build security from the ground up.

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