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An HP Labs collaboration creates an award-winning SDN solution for enterprise networks


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


SDN Optimizer.jpgSoftware-defined networking (SDN) is key to simplifying and automating network operations, thus impacting the future of enterprise networks and cloud computing. Indeed, Cloud service providers are now deploying SDN protocols in  some of the world’s largest datacenters.


A new HP SDN application, based on research conducted at HP Labs, is helping extend that growth to enterprises by automating device-by-device network configuration, thereby simplifying policy deployment, reducing the likelihood of human errors, and making activities like video conferencing and desktop sharing operate far more reliably.


The HP Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Lync dynamically provisions  network Quality of Service (QoS) policies via the HP Virtual Application Networks (VAN) SDN Controller, enabling automated provisioning of the resources needed to make a network run optimally, and thereby both driving business efficiencies and enhancing the experience of network users.


SujataprofilePhoto.JPG“The Network Optimizer developed out of a very successful proof of concept that was jointly built by HP Labs, HP Networking, and HP Brazil R&D, and was itself based on HP Labs research on end-to-end network QoS automation,” notes HP Labs distinguished technologist and research manager Sujata Banerjee.  “Our research on an automated network QoS platform leverages SDN programmability to support  identity-based application-aware end-to-end network provisioning for applications like Lync.”, further explains Principal Researcher Puneet Sharma.   


The resulting HP Networking product was released this spring and swiftly received an Innovation Award at the NetEvents Cloud Innovation Summit 2014 for Best Enterprise SDN solution, awarded to “SDN solutions that offer easy migration, that deliver early ROI, and generally encourage businesses to take the first steps to tomorrow’s networking.” It was also a finalist for the 2014 Best of Interop awards in the Networking category.


“Software-defined networking continues to be a major area of interest for us at HP Labs,” adds Banerjee, who is based in HP’s Networking and Mobility Lab. “We expect SDN to play a crucial role in future enterprise and cloud infrastructures.



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Network Optimizer is available on the recently launched HP App Store, where you can browse this and other applications from HP and our partners.  It can be purchased directly from the store if you're in the US, and in other countries you can download a trial and submit a request for a HP sales professional to call you back.


I hope we'll see more innovative apps or proof of concepts from HP Labs on the store in the comming months!