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Bristol rides all night for charity



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Last month, the night after Midsummer’s Day, Dave Callaghan of HPE Storage, and Susanne Klein and Alison Taylor of Hewlett Packard Labs, Bristol, represented the company at the inaugural Bristol run of Nightrider, the 100 kilometer one-night charity bicycle ride. They rode to raise funds for The Jessie May Trust.

Jessie May provides hospice care and nurses for terminally ill children. No matter where in the world our researchers and other Labs employees work, from Palo Alto to Tel Aviv to Beijing to Bristol, we are part of our communities.

Activities like these help to keep our bonds to our fellows strong both within and beyond the walls of our workspaces.

The three set out into the darkness at 11:00 PM for the first 50 kilometer loop.

“How this came about was Dave Callaghan in the storage business had signed up to do the ride and was looking for other volunteers, so I sent out a site message,” said Alison Taylor. “Susanne read it and thought I was doing the ride and said, ‘If Ali can do it then so can I!’ But I wasn’t, as I don’t even own a bike and hadn’t ridden one for over 40 years. But before I knew it Susanne and I had signed up to do the charity night ride!”

They signed up as a team to tackle the 100 kilometer route. Suzanne coached Alison, even finding her a bike to use.

“In four weeks I went from nothing to cycling 50 kilometers!”

All three cycled the initial 50 kilometers together, said Taylor, with Dave finishing the final 50 solo.

 The night ride “was a bit surreal” Taylor said. Riding by the grunting, roaring, huffing zoo was one of the odder parts of the ride. They also missed a sign and ended up running a not insignificant hill twice. But the team is on course toward raising £2,000.00 ($2,635.00), “including gift aid and HPE’s matching contributions.”

For those who wish to contribute to the cause, you can still do so through JustGiving and Virgin Moneygiving.



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