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Catch HP Labs presenters at HP Discover 2013 breakout sessions


Are you attending HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas? The event, which runs June 11-13, showcases HP’s latest technology solutions and offers an array of workshops, presentations, and one-on-one meeting opportunities to hear more about these innovations, as well as our thinking on key industry trends. Thousands of executives, VPs, directors, IT managers and engineers are expected to attend.


HP Labs researchers will also be presenting in a number of the technical and business breakout sessions.


Below is a list of the sessions available at HP Discover in which members of HP Labs will be presenting. Make sure to sign up in advance! And make sure you check out HP Labs technology in action in the Discover Zone, including the Big Data Photon Engine Theater.


HP Discover Session Catalog


Session ID IT4286: Tectonic Shifts – and where the future of convergence is taking us

Presenter: Martin Fink, HP CTO and Director of HP Labs

Track: Converged Cloud, Converged Infrastructure

Thursday June 13 at 9:00 am in the Innovation Theater


 The explosion of data is pushing the limits of scale and performance within today’s data center. There are multiple “tectonic shifts” driving the next generation of convergence. In this talk, Martin Fink outlines how HP Labs’ research is addressing fundamental shifts in areas like flash storage and universal memory with an eye towards where future technology might take us.


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Chandrakant-Thumbnail_web.jpgSession ID DT3308: A glimpse into the future at HP Labs

Presenter: Chandrakant Patel, HP Labs Chief Engineer

Track: Big Data, Security and Risk Management

Wednesday June 12 at 12:45 pm in Theater 1

Thursday June 13 at 12:45 pm, also in Theater 1


At HP Labs we are passionate about making our research real by delivering technology advances to our customers and society. We look at emerging trends to understand where our industry—and our world—is headed, then invest in an ambitious research agenda to fuel the next generation of HP products, services and solutions, delivering breakthroughs that can transform current businesses and create new ones. Join us in this session for a sneak peek at HP Labs' new research agenda and hear more about HP Labs’ technology in action.


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John-Sontag_web.jpgSession ID BB3310: HP Labs systems research – Creating the next generation of software defined systems

Presenter: John Sontag, VP and Director of the Systems Research Lab

Track: Converged Infrastructure

Thursday June 13 at 2:00 pm in Venetian Ballroom A on Level 2


At HP Labs, we’re developing radical new approaches to collect, process, store, and analyze data to create the next generation of large-scale, high-performance infrastructure to support a data-centric world. In this session, we will present emerging trends and share our vision for future software-defined systems that will fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchies, bring processing closer to the data and enable system security at the point of attack. Our research in non-volatile memory lays the foundation for universal memory and energy-optimized systems-on-chips (SoCs), and advances in integrated photonics mean these systems will be able to communicate at the speeds that data-centric computing will require. Join us to learn about the future of software-defined systems.          


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Jaap-thumbnail.jpgSession ID BB3311: HP Labs analytics research: What happens when Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast?

Presenter: Jaap Suermondt, VP and Director of the Analytics Lab

Track: Big Data, Software

Wednesday June 12 at 1:30 pm in Marcello 4402, on Level 4


What we know today as “Big Data” is getting even bigger, at a faster pace than anticipated. HP Labs’ analytics research positions HP to help customers take advantage of all this data by integrating data sources, transforming and automating business processes and acting on relevant insights—all at unprecedented scale. In this session, we will present emerging trends and share our vision for future analytics systems, technologies and infrastructure, as well as applications and visualization. We will discuss improvements to search, visualization and immersion into data; turning data into actionable information; sensing and control analytics, to better understand the physical world around us; and shaping the future of analytics at zetta scale—what will happen when Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast.


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Session ID BB3309: HP Labs Security Research: Embedding security into future data-centric computing systems

Track: Security and Risk Management, Software 

Subtrack: Security

Wednesday June 12 at 4:30 pm in Venetian Ballroom A on Level 2


Nigel-Edwards_1_May-2013_cr.jpgAs IT shifts to the cloud, new security and management challenges have emerged due to the disaggregation and multi-tenancy of systems. These challenges are compounded by the need to operate across enterprise, regulatory and geographic boundaries, all in the context of an increasingly complex threat environment. HP Labs’ research aims to provide our customers with assurance, insight and control in this new world. In this session, we will present emerging trends and share our vision for future security technologies—from embedded security control points within devices to high-level models of cross-boundary automated management and even novel methods to detect and mitigate attacks at massive scale.


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