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Discover 2016: Are containers ready for prime time?



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Container-based virtualization is being adopted with increasing enthusiasm across the enterprise, as a way to increase responsiveness and decrease expense. So, unfortunately, is hacking. Do you know can your company balance its business and security needs? 

Hewlett Packard Labs Secured Containers is the solution to this issue. It consists of three primary components: Security and isolation, distributed file system, and manageability.

To get the answers, attend the Transformation Session “Securing containers with Hewlett Packard Labs” at Discover 2016 in Las Vegas.

Hewlett Packard Labs’ Nigel Edwards, Vice President and Chief Technologist for Converged Data Center Infrastructure at HPE, David Hunter, along with Omri Gazitt, VP Products and Services for HPE Helion, will discuss how Labs’ innovations will enable enterprises to keep all the agility they need to respond to a dynamic business environment even as they maintain the isolation and control needed for security and compliance. The discussion will be moderated by Martin Sadler, Labs' director of Security and Manageability. 

"Containers are the natural unit of work for cloud-native applications, but most organizations continue to use virtual machines to provide isolation boundaries and run container-based cloud native platforms on VM’s," Gazitt told us. "Addressing the isolation issues with containers will enable organizations to remove the VM layer and get better flexibility and utilization of their infrastructure for container-based workloads.."

To hear more on how HPE’s approach to containers will allow for ease of combination, reduction in the complexity of a stack, and deeper isolation, attend the discussion at 10AM on Tuesday, June 7 in Discover Theater 3.

)Secured-Containers2.gifHPE Envision practice

Header image by Photocapy - Flickr via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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