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Discover 2016: How can your business get the upper hand against hackers?



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Reversing the asymmetry of attack vs. defense in digital security has assumed an outsized silhouette to those who have been affected by it. The number of companies, and governmental departments, who have been hacked seems to grow by the day. Fortunately, the inconceivable (as well as the unlikely and simply impossible) are, for Labs, our daily bread.

Martin Fink, director of Labs, made this concern the subject of his keynote at RSA this year. Now, we are following it up with a transformation session panel at Discover 2016 in Las Vegas

For “Harness the power of The Machine; analyze security events at unprecedented scale (T7979) Bill Horne and Logan Browne will discuss how to use the vastly increased computing power of The Machine to analyze security issues.

In order to keep a digital environment safe, gatekeepers have always collected security events – log messages, blocks, warnings, and so on. But the problem has become one of scale. At HPE, for instance, we collect not millions, but billions of events. Additionally, detecting an intruder as they intrude, not after, is the security ideal.

In other words, security has now become a big data problem, one which requires a level of computational power and storage that the devices used to monitor these events are patently incapable of achieving.

Security.jpgSketch via HPEEnter The Machine.

The Machine will have the scale, the speed, and the size necessary to overmatch digital intruders, while keeping costs down and intelligence up.

Today our outlook on security is analogous to looking out a small square of defrosted window in your car while trying to pilot through mad city traffic. With The Machine, users will have the equivalent of a drive in the country in springtime.

For more information, sign up for the session, scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, at 1:00pm in Discover Theater 6.


Header image by Jonathunder via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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