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Discover 2016: Play with the future at the Labs Pavilion



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

The Hewlett Packard Labs Pavilion is always one of the highlights of Discover. Here the possible is made actual and the potential becomes kinetic. Advances in computing that are usually restricted to laboratory spaces (and researcher minds) are brought out not just to be seen, but to be touched and experienced.

Here are just some of the features and demos that make the Pavilion so much fun to visit. Use these as a way to organize your exploration of the Hewlett Packard Labs Pavilion.

In the “petting zoo,” check out “Designing the Physical Machine” (DEMO704) to familiarize yourself with the Memory Fabric and learn about the massive pool of universal memory at the heart of The Machine. Visit “Photonics in Action” (DEMO701) to see the X1 Chip’s terabit photonics that makes The Machine’s blazing fast memory fabric possible.

If you are a developer, a prime stop for you will be the Developer Toolkit (DEMO706). This is your new tool box for programming The Machine, HPE’s next generation computing architecture.

If your interest revolves around analytics and applications, check out “Transform your Enterprise with The Machine” (DEMO711) to witness our staff using the Time-Varying Graph to run a security analysis. If you would like to see how the most popular big data engine has been turbocharged, get a load of “Empower Apache Spark on The Machine” (DEMO707). The MDS demo, “Simplify Data Usage” (DEMO708) will show you how to program in non-volatile memory.

Finally, at “Unlocking Value from the IoT with Distributed Mesh Computing,” (DEMO709) you can check out our popular DMC Wall to see how pushing computing to the edge can conquer traffic woes.

For a full list, consult this customized Labs demo agenda

Be sure to come by and meet the researchers who are inventing the future.


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