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Distinguished Technologist Kave Eshghi returns to HP Labs to develop novel analytics for The Machine


Kave-Eshghi_RL_crop.jpgAfter working with Google for the past 18 months, cloud computing pioneer Kave Eshghi returns to HP Labs this week to help drive information and analytics research in support of The Machine, the company’s major research initiative to reinvent the fundamental architecture of computing.
“We’re thrilled to have Kave back in the building as a Distinguished Technologist,” says Jaap Suermondt, VP and director of HP’s Analytics Lab. “Kave is a genuine innovator who combines tireless intellectual curiosity with the patience and persistence required to see complex technology transfers across the finish line. He has led multiple projects that have had tangible business impact for HP and we’re excited to have him returning to do more of the same.”


“HP Labs offers researchers tremendous freedom to develop solutions to some of the greatest problems faced by HP customers,” adds Eshghi. “The chance to collaborate once again with a world-class team of scientists on a revolutionary project was simply too good to pass up. The Machine is a visionary project that requires us to tackle a number of difficult, but tremendously interesting, research challenges – I’m delighted to be joining the effort to take on some of the biggest of them.”


While he will be based in HP’s Analytics Lab, Eshghi’s new research mandate sees him collaborating with colleagues in multiple HP Labs groups, drawing on his expertise at the intersection of Systems and Analytics. 


Eshghi is widely respected for his contributions to content-addressable storage architectures, chunking, co-compression, and synchronization, and was among the first to recognize the value of these techniques for new types of storage systems. Most recently at HP Labs, he and a small team of colleagues designed and transferred the de-duplication engine that now powers HP’s StoreOnce product line.


Earlier in his HP career, Eshghi helped pioneer web transaction monitoring, configuration management, and large-scale document and image similarity searching. He also helped create the storage and synchronization backbone for HP’s SE3D Animation Showcase, one of the first demonstrations of what we now call cloud computing.


While at Google, Eshghi developed technologies to improve voice search accuracy that are now being used in the company’s speech recognition platform.


Eshghi received both his B.SC and Ph.D. in computer science from the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London and has published over 20 peer reviewed papers, and is a named author on 32 patents.

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