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First look at HP Discover Barcelona: don’t miss these HP Labs sessions!




HP Discover 2013 Barcelona, December 10-12, is right around the corner! Below is a list of the sessions available at HP Discover presented by HP Labs researchers - sign up now to be sure you have a spot. And check back here for more on the HP Labs technologies you’ll be able to see in action in the Discover Zone. HP Labs executives will also be at the HP IT and HP Labs Guru Bar throughout the event for one-on-one conversations. Looking forward to seeing you there!


HP Discover Session Catalog


Session ID IT3113 - The future according to HP Labs

Presenters: John Sontag, VP and Director, Systems ResearchJaap Suermondt, VP and Director, Analytics LabMartin Sadler, VP and Director, Security and Cloud Lab, Bristol
Track: Big Data, Converged Infrastructure
Wednesday December 11 at 10:00 am in the Innovation Theater

HP Discover is all about the future. HP Labs – HP’s central research arm – is all about the far future. Come and hear how three of HP’s most senior technologists see the IT landscape evolving and how it will transform all our lives.


Paolo Faraboschi.jpgSession ID DT2037 - 30 billion new connected devices: A peek at how HP Labs is reinventing the architecture of computing to cope

Presenter: Paolo Faraboschi, Distinguished Technologist

Track: Converged Infrastructure
Subtrack: Converged Systems, Servers, Storage, Networking, Datacenter Infrastructure

Tuesday, December 10 at 1pm


By 2020, 30 billion intelligent devices will connect to the internet, resulting in unprecedented amounts of data. The infrastructure required to collect, process, store, and analyze this data requires transformational changes from the foundations of computing. HP Labs is developing radical new approaches to the large-scale, high-performance infrastructure necessary to support this data-centric world. In this session, we present emerging trends and our vision for future software-defined systems that fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchies, bring processing closer to the data, and enable system security at the point of attack. Our research in non-volatile memory lays the foundation for universal memory and energy-optimized systems-on-chips (SoCs), and advances in integrated photonics mean these systems will be able to communicate at the speeds that data-centric computing will require.


Tomas_Sander_Headshot_web.jpgSession ID BB2138 - Connected intelligence: the secret weapon in your next-generation cyber defense strategy
Presenter: Tomas Sander, Senior Researcher
Track: Security and Risk Management
Wednesday, December 11 at 9:00 am

Today's cyber criminals are sophisticated, organized, and specialized into collective marketplaces. To defend against these attackers, enterprises must collaborate to share threat intelligence. HP Threat Central is a collaborative security intelligence platform for community members to share threat data, analysis, and mitigations in order to disrupt the adversary faster and prevent successful attacks. Currently a pilot program, the platform provides participants with real-time intelligence on the attack vectors, methods, motivations, and specific adversaries behind the threats they face. During this session, we will share

insights gained from the pilot.


Session ID DT3460 -- Big Data 20/20

Presenters: Mike Shaw, Strategic Marketing, HP; Ruth Bergman, Director of HP Labs Israel

Track: Big Data

Wednesday, December 11 at 9:50am


Imagine your mobile phone could recognize your facial gestures, the tone of your voice and the patterns of your brain waves. It would then have a good idea how you were feeling. It could then couple this with a “personal big data” store of information that it has built up about you – how you like to receive information, how you like to work, how you like to travel and how you like to take your leisure. The result would be a mobile device that is like the best personal assistant you could ever imagine. This is “personal” big data. What about big data analysis to control the entire transportation system, the policing and the environment of a city of 30 million people? And how about a big data system that is able to control your world-wide marketing campaigns for you, adjusting the pricing and packing mix right down to the neighborhood level based on real-time analysis of detailed structured data and social media sentiment? That’s a lot big data software. But it’s also something the computers of today simply can't do. By 2020, however, technological advances such as memristors and photonics will have made such things possible. Does this sound like the Orwellian future of 'Big Brother'? - a discussion of Data Privacy 2020 must therefore accompany any discussion on Big Data 2020.



Pratyusa Manadhata.jpgSession ID  DT2035 - From “more is less” to “more is more”: a sneak peek at Big Data for security research from HP Labs
Presenter: Pratyusa Manadhata, Researcher
Track: Security and Risk Management, Software, Big Data
Subtrack: Security
Wednesday, December 11 at 10:40am

Enterprises are collecting and analyzing data across their business, but Big Data analytics for security remains relatively unexplored. While we routinely collect terabytes of security-relevant data, we face a situation where more is less: the more data we collect, the less ability we have to derive actionable information from it. HP Labs research in Big Data analytics introduces a scenario where more is more. We’re developing scalable algorithms and systems to identify security-relevant information from large enterprise datasets. In this talk, we will highlight the challenges and opportunities in Big Data analytics for security and present some real-world examples.


Julio-Guijarro.jpgSession ID DT2034 - Radical simplification of IT: peeking into the future of cloud computing with HP Labs 
Presenter: Julio Guijarro, Senior Researcher

Track: Cloud

Wednesday, December 11 at 12:20pm


Today, cloud is a reality and its effects are starting to appear everywhere in business, from new business models to radical transformations in how we approach new IT projects or information management. Cloud is the result of an evolution to radically simplify the way IT is consumed—but this is just the beginning. In this talk, we will cover the evolution of cloud and, based on HP Labs research, make predictions about what is next so that we can be prepared to make informed business decisions in this fast-changing landscape.


Jaap-thumbnail.jpgSession ID DT2033 - Enterprise-class operational SQL on Hadoop: HP Labs and HP IT research towards making the dream reality 
Presenter: Jaap Suermondt, VP and Director of the Analytics Lab    
Track: Big Data, Software
Subtrack: Big Data Analytics, Information Optimization
Wednesday, December 11 at 5:10pm

Apache Hadoop is an open source software stack supporting scalable storage and Big Data analysis across industry-standard servers, and is a core part of HP’s HAVEn Big Data platform. The Hadoop ecosystem continues to expand with emerging SQL-on-Hadoop solutions designed to satisfy analytics workloads; however, as many software and cloud service providers explore the use of Hadoop as an operational data store for their growing amounts of data, a robust SQL engine providing concurrent, operational, and transactional access to data in Hadoop could disrupt the Hadoop eco-system. Attend this session to learn about an HP Labs project that expands Hadoop to meet the needs of operational SQL-on-Hadoop workloads.


ruthbergman_web.jpgSession ID DT2036 - When Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast: a sneak peek at HP Labs analytics research
Presenter: Ruth Bergman, Director of HP Labs Israel
Track: Software, Big Data
Subtrack: Big Data Analytics, IT Service Management
Thursday, December 12 at 11:30am

Big Data is growing at a faster pace than anticipated. HP Labs’ analytics research positions HP to help customers integrate data sources, transform and automate business processes, and act on relevant insights—all at unprecedented scale. In this session, we will share emerging trends and our vision for future analytics systems, technologies and infrastructure. We will discuss improvements to search, visualization, and immersion into data; turning data into actionable information; sensing and control analytics to better understand the physical world around us. We are shaping the future of analytics at zetta scale—when Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast.





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