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Gearing Up for Las Vegas: An Intro to Discover 2016




By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover, our twice-yearly event that brings together researchers, technology, business units, partners, and customers, is back again this year in Las Vegas. Running from Tuesday, June 7, through Thursday, June 9, Discover will showcase the present and the future of HPE’s technology.

Not least among the presenters at Discover is our own Hewlett Packard Labs. As the research arm for the company, Labs is on the forefront of what is on offer, not to mention being ahead of what is coming, and even responsible for defining what is ahead. Insofar as Discover is about the future, Labs is one of the factories wherein it’s made.

Labs’ participation consists of two types of offerings, sessions and demos. Sessions bring together scientific and business experts to discuss and provide a peek at how their work can change the way the world does business. Demos are explicit demonstrations of the technologies that will do that changing.

In advance of Discover itself, we thought it would make sense to give you a glimpse of what the convention holds for attendees, including, we hope, you.

Transformation Sessions

Transformation Sessions are hallmark events that leverage one of HPE’s Transformation Areas: Transform to a Hybrid Infrastructure, Protect Your Digital Enterprise, Empower the Data-driven Organization, and Enable Workplace Productivity.

Head-turners among the transformation sessions include Hewlett Packard Labs; envisioning the future of virtualized telecommunication services (T7977). A discussion featuring Labs’ Puneet Sharma and Julie Ward, and HPE Fellow and Chief NFV Architect, Vinay Saxena, will discuss how telecoms will be affected by, and can utilize, the latest innovations in Network Function Virtualization. Attend this session to learn how to transform legacy networks built with proprietary appliances into agile cloud network, increasing agility, efficiency, and predictability.

Another session worth noting is Drive your business forward with real-time analytics on The Machine (T7978). Senior Research Manager, Natalia Vassilieva, will show how The Machine will perform analytics at a scale and scope that was previously unimaginable. Attend her session to learn how to improve accuracy by reasoning over exponentially more data and shifting your analytics from offline to real time. Such a move is likely to prove critical for industries where the speed and quality of analytics define financial success.

Speaking of The Machine, Harness the power of The Machine; analyze security events at unprecedented scale (T7979) will see Labs’ Bill Horne, Chief Technologist, of HPE's Enterprise Security Services, Andrzej Kawalec, and Logan Browne, HPE's Director and Chief Technologist for Cyber Security Architecture and Engineering, explore one of the most interesting big data problems, one which has seen too little research: Security. Breaches have increased in volume, frequency, and complexity to such a degree that event analysis has become integral to security. Attend the panel to see how Labs is answering this challenge with The Machine.

Given the host of high-profile security breaches in the last several years, it should come as no surprise that security is a big focus in this Discover. Martin Sadler, Labs VP and Director of Security and Manageability, will lead an in-depth discussion on Securing containers with Hewlett Packard Labs (T7980) with Labs’ Nigel Edwards, David Hunter, Vice President & Chief Technologist, Converged Data Center Infrastructure, and Omri Gazitt, VP of Products and Services for HPE Helion. Containers are all the rage, but how can your company balance their agility with the isolation and control guarantees you must have for security and compliance? Attend the session to find out.


Discussion Forums

In the forums, we break out for more informal, interactive sessions on related topics.

Of note is Puneet Sharma’s A Hewlett Packard Labs conversation; resource orchestration in virtualized telco networks (DF7981). Sharma will follow up his prior panel session, providing customers with the opportunity to discuss performance modelling and resource orchestration for network function virtualization, of particular interest to telecommunications companies and experts.

In A Hewlett Packard Labs conversation; LTE-Centric next-generation enterprise access networks (DF8103), Kyu-Han Kim will talk about a new solution to the need for seamless and quality-guaranteed mobile connectivity in an atmosphere of exploding bandwidth demands.


Here are a few of the demos we are presenting. These will give you an idea of the kind of in-person, real-time tech you can see with your own eyes.

Spark for The Machine (DEMO8811): This demo shows you how Labs has optimized Spark for The Machine, supercharging Spark workloads with memory-driven computing on the HPE Integrity Superdome X Server at 15 times average performance.

Solving security problems with Time-Varying Graph analytics (DEMO8812): Learn how Labs is harnessing Time-Varying Graph analytics by exploring a security use case that illustrates how we optimize analysis of users, machines, and DNS logs to identify unusual activity.

Developers, start your engines. Get ready for The Machine, by Hewlett Packard Labs (DEMO8810): This demo will bring The Machine’s potential for transforming your enterprise into sharp focus. Learn why it’s important for your developers to become familiar with The Machine’s tools and resources, designed to help your company increase productivity and promote efficiencies.

The Machine, by Hewlett Packard Labs: Reinventing computing to propel the world further, faster (DEMO8968): At this demo, you can explore examples of how memory-driven computing can solve real-world problems, including the ability of an airline that uses The Machine’s hundreds of petabytes of fast memory to control every plane, every passenger, every piece of luggage, and every gate to compute and store an almost infinite series of future what-if scenarios, enabling them to choose the right scenario, depending on the current circumstance.

  • You can register for Discover 2016 Las Vegas today.
  • The session catalog is live.
  • On May 2, the agenda builder will be fully functional and you will be able to build your attendance schedule from over 700 offerings, with full details, reminders, and sharing.

In the meantime, watch this space for a host of posts on individual sessions, demos, topics, speakers, and technologies.

See you in June!



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