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Guide to HP Labs sessions at HP Discover 2015




HP Discover is a unique event and opportunity to engage on the hottest trends shaping the IT industry. HP Labs will have a significant presence in Las Vegas during the three-day event in June. In addition to a demo booth, several HP Labs researchers will present their work during sessions and forums organized in one of the Discover Theaters. Following is a list of the HP Labs Discover Theater sessions and forums that you can register for if you're going to HP Discover. In the coming weeks we will preview each session with a more detailed description. Be sure to check back and register.


HP Discover Session Catalog



Innovation Theater Session


Session IT1771 - HP Labs presents a peek under the hood of The Machine, the future of computing

Sarah Anthony - Researcher, Systems, HP Labs
Rich Friedrich - Director of Systems Software for The Machine, HP Labs
April Mitchell - Director, Programmability and Scalable Workloads, Analytics, HP Labs
Julio Guijarro -- Research Director, Manageability and Cloud, HP Labs
Pratyusa Manadhata -- Principal Research Scientist, Security, HP Labs

Moderator: Martina Trucco - Strategy and Communications Manager, HP Labs

Tuesday, June 2, 10:00 AM -- 10:30 AM in the Innovation Theater

You've heard Martin Fink talk about The Machine and how it will change everything we know about computing. This radical new approach will fuse memory and storage, flatten data hierarchies, bring processing closer to data, embed security throughout the hardware and software stacks and enable management of the system at scale. Learn more by joining a panel of senior HP Labs researchers working on The Machine as they offer a closer look at what it takes to make it happen.


Discover Theater Sessions:


Amip_145x145.jpgSession DT1327 -- Unlocking the Internet of Things: HP Labs on Distributed Mesh Computing

Presenter: Amip Shah, Senior Research Manager, HP Labs
Track: Big Data
Tuesday, June 2, 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM, Discover Theater 7


As we increasingly capture every moment digitally, it becomes even more difficult to identify and store what's valuable, while also guaranteeing privacy, security and data ownership. Join HP Labs Senior Research Scientist Amip Shah to learn how HP Labs is applying Distributed Mesh Computing and The Machine to address the challenges across the data value chain related to the Internet of Things.


Rycharde-Hawkes_145x145.jpgSession DT1328 -- management at scale for the New Style of IT: Introducing Loom from HP Labs

Presenter: Rycharde Hawkes, Senior Research Scientist, HP Labs
Track: Helion Cloud

Wednesday, June 3, 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM, Discover Theater 1


Today's data explosion is pushing the limits of scale and performance. The needs of future computing will require distributed, complex systems that interact with data across multiple corporate, national and legal boundaries. HP Labs is developing a novel solution - Management at Scale. Join HP Labs Senior Research Scientist Rycharde Hawkes as he demonstrates how HP Labs' Loom is tackling these complex challenges.


Pratyusa_145x145.jpgSession DT1329 -- Security for The Machine -- a sneak peek at security research from HP Labs

Presenter: Pratyusa Manadhata, Senior Research Scientist, HP Labs
Track: Security
Wednesday, June 3, 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM, Discover Theater 1


There's a data explosion problem and HP is building a solution - The Machine. HP Labs is reinventing computing architecture to improve storage and computing performance, power efficiency and security. Join us to learn how HP Labs is building security mechanisms into the foundations of The Machine to prevent malicious activities and detect and recover in real time, without harm to hardware, firmware, software or data and provide assurance for access control, privacy and monitoring.


Kimberly-Keeton_145x145.jpgSession DT1330 -- Reimagining systems and application software for The Machine -- a sneak peek from HP Labs

Presenter: Kim Keeton, Senior Research Scientist, HP Labs
Track: Enterprise Group

Thursday, June 4, 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM, Discover Theater 2


The Machine is a revolutionary computing architecture from HP Labs that's reimagining hardware, operating systems, data stores and analytics platforms to transform the way we collect, process, store and analyze data. Join us to understand the technologies that comprise The Machine and their implications for systems software, programming models and applications. Come see how we can help transform your business.


Discussion Forums


Craig-Sayers_145x145.jpgSession DF1332 -- Bringing consistency and agility to data center management, a conversation with HP Labs 

Presenter: Craig Sayers, Senior Research Manager, HP Labs
Track: Enterprise Group

Wednesday, June 3, 9:30 PM – 10:00 AM, Discussion Forum 2


With the convergence of applications, development and operations in the software-defined data center, demands on IT are changing. See how tasks like provisioning, user behavior, use monitoring and operational tuning are now accessible to developers and application owners and why they require intuitive access and composition of services. Join us to learn how HP Labs technology can intuitively create service catalogs from underlying APIs and compose new manageability functions.


Jeongkeun-Lee_145x145.jpgSession DF1333 -- Simplify and automate network policy management -- A conversation with HP Labs

Presenter: Jeong-Keun Lee, Senior Researcher, HP Labs
Track: Enterprise Group; Subtrack: Networking

Wednesday, June 3, 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM, Discussion Forum 2


Simplifying and automating the management of complex network policies is a challenge. Join us to learn about HP Labs’ policy graph abstraction technology. Come see how this new technology graphically expresses network policies and service chain requirements, as simply as drawing whiteboard diagrams. Learn how this graph structure can be applied to SDN environments to handle conflict, and how we can enable automatic and proactive composition of individual policies into a coherent composed policy.



Check out these resources for more HP Discover details: 


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