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HP Discover 2013 – Tomas Sander previews a new security platform in the fight against cyber crime


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


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Tomas_Sander_Headshot_web.jpgToday's cyber criminals are creating increasingly sophisticated marketplaces via which they are trading resources and techniques to mount ever more advanced attacks.


The best way for legitimate businesses to defend against this, suggests HP Labs researcher Tomas Sander, is to do much the same: to work collaboratively, sharing intelligence about the threats they receive. 


“We call this approach ‘Collective Intelligence,’” Sander explains. “What we need are systems that let us share targeted intelligence in real-time, creating a unified industry defense.”


Sander will outline a new HP technology for doing just that in a presentation on December 11th at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona. Developed jointly by HP Labs and HP Enterprise Security Products, Threat Central is a collaborative security intelligence platform that allows community members to share threat data, analysis, and mitigations in order to disrupt adversaries faster and prevent future attacks.


Collaborative efforts to pool security information do already exist. But their data is mostly shared manually and within sector-specific groups – leading to intelligence that is typically shared too late to be actionable and to multiple enterprises having to respond to the same attacks.


In contrast, Threat Central deploys an open model, allowing the platform to gather information from, and share it between members of the entire    community using open standards.  Crucially, threat data is also collected and shared automatically. “That allows us to assemble this data in real time, and do some very useful analytics on it,” Sander notes, “And that in turn gives us an almost real-time ability to respond, which really distinguishes what we are doing from other approaches in this area.”


“We also have strong protections built in that offer participating organizations control over exactly what information they share,” Sander adds. “They get filters and other mechanisms to ensure that no identifiable or confidential information is being shared.”


Currently operating as a pilot program, the Threat Central platform will eventually provide participants with real-time intelligence on specific attack vectors, and details about the methods, motivations, and adversaries behind the many and varied threats they face. Sander’s Discover presentation will discuss the creation of Threat Central, explore current and future use cases, and share early insights gained from the pilot.


A member of HP’s Security and Cloud Lab, Sander is a senior researcher at HP Labs in Princeton, New Jersey. Before joining HP, Sander received a doctoral degree in Mathematics from the University of Dortmund, Germany, was a postdoctoral researcher at the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California and worked for InterTrust Technologies in Santa Clara, California on a broad range of topics relevant to advanced digital rights management.


Discover attendees can attend Sander’s talk on Wednesday, December 11th, at 9:00 AM. Click here for information about other HP Discover sessions being presented by HP Labs researchers in Barcelona. HP Labs executives will also available at the HP on HP and HP Labs Guru Bar throughout the event for one-on-one conversations.



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