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HP Discover 2014 – visit the Discover Zone for demos of numerous HP Labs innovations


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At the heart of HP Discover 2014 is the Discover Zone – hundreds of thousands of square feet of themed pavilions showcasing HP’s latest technology and solutions. Many pavilions also feature demos of HP products that originated as HP Labs projects, technologies and innovations.


Here are just a few of the Labs projects being shared – download our handy map of the Discover Zone to see the whole list.


Big Data Pavilion


Get a first look at a new approach to quantitative data presentation and montintoring called CLEVR. Rather than presenting a traditional "dashboard," CLEVR simplifies data overload through the use of ambient diplays and data abstraction. In addition, see a demo of Trafodion, a joint HP Labs and HP IT project that expands Hadoop to handle enterprise-class workloads, such as online shopping cart transactions. Trafodion software is available under a private beta program.


Cloud Pavilion


Get a first-hand look at Loom technology which enables true cloud management, through an intuitive management dashboard and interface designed for large-scale OpenStack cloud deployments. The new interface abstracts much of the complexity of large-scale systems, while providing administrators with the ability to drill down to the individual Virtual Machine (VM) level as needed to evaluate or troubleshoot resources and applications.


Security Pavilion


Featured among the recent security innovations will be HP Threat Central, an HP Labs and HP Enterprise Security platform that leverages connected intelligence to thwart cyber attacks faster. The platform delivers actionable intelligence that members can use to protect their organizations. The system is fast and automatically protects the confidentiality of the information. 


Converged Infrastructure Pavilion


Find demonstrations of HP Labs contributions – including Automated QoS Controller, a collaboration between HP Labs and HP Networking to make Software Defined Networking -- or SDN -- a reality for network operations. The Automated QoS Controller programs a programa a software-defined network to provision network resources based on the requirements of each individual session. The automation guarantees the right QoS is provided and takes the human out of the loop. Also, check out HP Location Aware (CUPID), an indoor positioning system that relies only on WiFi infrastructure, yet is accurate and inexpensive to implement. CUPID does not require any client-side modification or smartphone-based application for use. Finally, HP Labs contributed work on the waterwall heat exchanger design for HP Apollo, a brand new family of high-performance computing systems. The heat exchange is a key component in providing warm-water cooling capability which enables waste heat recovery.


Printing and Personal Systems Pavilion


Head here for a demo of HP SureStart, the industry’s first self-healing BIOS solution for PCs, as well as the ePrint secure mobile printing solution.


Software Pavilion


Find demonstrations of HP Labs contributions – including Distributed R and Pulse – to HP Vertica 7, the next-generation real-time analytics platform for today’s Big Data workloads. Distributed R is a system for large scale machine learning and graph processing. It enables and accelerates complex, big-data analysis. HP Vertica Pulse is HP’s scalable, in-database answer to the problem of harnessing the volume and velocity of social media data. 









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