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HP Discover Barcelona 2014 -- Visit the Discover Zone for demos of numerous HP Labs innovations


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At the heart of HP Discover 2014 is the Discover Zone – hundreds of thousands of square feet of themed pavilions showcasing HP’s latest technology and solutions. Many pavilions also featuredemos of HP products that originated as HP Labs projects, technologies and innovations.


Here are just a few of the Labs projects being shared – download our handy map of the Discover Zone to see the whole list.



Big Data


Enterprise-class operational SQL on Hadoop -- Project Trafodion is an HP-sponsored open source project to develop operational SQL database management capabilities on Hadoop. Trafodion provides transactional SQL capabilities built on top of Hadoop HBase software. Trafodion software is available for download from In addition to being available for evaluation on your own hardware, you can evaluate the software in the HP Public Cloud. Join us at this demo to learn more.


Big Data for the CIO -- At this demo, you will learn about the core services provided by HP Professional Services for two key functional groups in your organization – IT Operations and Supply Chain and Brand Protection. Find out how HP customers using business service management (BSM) and IT service management (ITSM) solutions can now utilize a service that integrates HP Vertica and HP ArcSight into their existing IT operations. Discover how key performance indicators can help line-of-business and IT stakeholders assess and monitor – in near real-time – activities that matter to each organization. For supply chain and product executives, the HAVEn-based HP Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS) provides a secure and scalable way to crack down on product counterfeiting. HP GPAS enables products to be uniquely serialized and tracked as they move through the supply chain and into the hands of the consumer.





Forj: Integrated development tools, ready to use in minutes -- Development teams need to be up and running now, not after days or weeks of installing and configuring tools. Code needs to fly through review and testing for faster delivery and greater value. But quality should not be sacrificed for speed. At this demo, you’ll see how Forj offers development tool suites, including continuous integration and delivery stacks. You’ll discover how these tools can be tailored to your specific use cases. Installed in a public or private cloud or onsite, this suite of tools is fully integrated right out of the box and available in minutes. Join us to learn how leveraging open source tools to create a fully automated development pipeline, and augmenting the tools with third-party vendor capabilities, can reduce your time-to-market and improve product quality.



Printing and Personal Systems


Education -- For educational institutions to deliver more timely, relevant and accessible information with fewer resources, they need to boost efficiency. HP can help by making a difference in your classroom so that you can make a difference in your students’ lives. Join us to learn how HP can enable you to spend your time where it counts – with your students. Find out how to better control your classroom, address individual student needs and manage documents and information more securely and efficiently.





Forj: DevOps with Helion Cloud and Pronq -- The need for speed continues to ramp up in software development. Development teams need to be up and running immediately, not after months of tool setup. Applications need to be tested as quickly and thoroughly as possible, because late testing equals late defects. Operations teams need to deploy faster so that the business can benefit now, without sacrificing stability. DevOps is the answer. Forj—leveraging Helion Cloud and Pronq solutions—offers a fully integrated tool chain and workflow to start you on your journey to DevOps. Join us at this demo to learn how to break down the walls between development, test, and operations using ChatOps collaboration tools. Find out how to enable earlier defect detection and flawless production deployments through a continuous delivery pipeline.


What’s new with HP Vertica -- Join us for an overview demo of what's new with the HP Vertica Analytics Platform. Learn about Vertica’s latest capabilities including HP Distributed R, which enables the acceleration of large-scale machine learning, statistical analysis, and graph processing. See a demo of Live Aggregate Projections, which speed up queries that rely on resource-intensive aggregate functions. Watch HP Vertica Pulse in action; this tool helps you leverage in-database sentiment analysis. Get to know HP Vertica Place, which stores and analyzes geospatial data in near real time. Discover how to run high-performance enterprise-class analytics in the cloud. And don’t miss the new developments that can help you derive maximum value from your Big Data analytics initiatives.



Converged Infrastructure


Monetizing your network: Make the network a business enabler -- If you’ve been asked to pay for Wi-Fi, you have first-hand experience with the notion of generating revenue from a wireless network. We also know that most of us won't. But what if you could make money from your network without asking people to pay for access? What if you could better understand and serve your customers’ interests by knowing where they are? By watching where they go? By finding out how long they stay at a location? Come to this demo to learn how the new HP Location Aware SDN application locates wireless devices up to five times more accurately than competing alternatives, and at a much lower cost. Powered by technology developed at HP Labs, HP Location Aware SDN enables a wide range of new context-aware retail, asset management, and security applications.


SDN: Featuring live production SDN environment. Extensible intelligence in the campus and beyond. -- In a production network environment, HP will demonstrate multiple SDN applications running on the HP Virtual Application Network’s (VAN) SDN controller platform. HP and SDN Ecosystem partner-developed applications add intelligence to the network and improve application performance and security – today. The SDN network is geographically distributed over the US and provides services and internet access to multiple worldwide trade shows. Join us to learn how Microsoft Lync users benefit from crystal-clear call quality, as well as enhanced security with automated network posture assessment and real-time security across OpenFlow-enabled network devices.


HP Discover mobile app

mobile app.jpg
Be sure to download the HP Discover mobile app, which will help you stay on track and organized during the show. The app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. You can access links to the app for each version on this page, or find it directly in your app store.




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Great stuff - there are some very interesting products from HP that I didn't know about previously!


In case anyone else wasn't sure about this acronym, I looked up SDN - Software Defined Networking. More information here


Enjoyed the post and am looking forward to learning more about HP's SDN offerings, Vertica and Forj!

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