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HP Discover Barcelona – Jaap Suermondt to announce project expanding Hadoop to operational workloads


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


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Jaap-thumbnail.jpg“Databases that manage operational transactions have to be both reliable and able to handle complex workloads in real time,” notes HP Labs’ VP and Director of the Analytics Lab, Jaap Suermondt. “But they struggle when it comes to scaling up to deal with really large data sets.”


Meanwhile, he says, our frameworks for rapidly ingesting, storing, and analyzing such sets – via technologies like Hadoop – scale easily but aren’t designed to reliably manage live, complex workloads.


In a December 11th presentation at HP Discover 2013 in Barcelona, Suermondt will announce a new research project designed to bridge the gap between the two.


“Working with our colleagues in HP IT, we’re bringing HP’s 20-year expertise of building operational databases to the Hadoop ecosystem,” he explains. “The objective is to offer a full operational data store, accessed through SQL, that lets numerous users reliably perform millions of different transactions with data stored in Hadoop.”  


In his talk, Suermondt, joined by his colleagues Meichun Hsu and Anoop Sharma, will describe the project, outline how it complements existing enterprise Hadoop environments, and explain how it enables new kinds of operational applications to run on Hadoop systems. In addition, a fully functional system is ready to be demonstrated, and he will invite attendees who have workloads that could take advantage of such a capability to try it out.


Suermondt is vice president and director of the HPL Analytics Lab, responsible for research in analytics systems, technologies, and infrastructure as well as applications and visualization. Previously, he headed research labs in services and solutions, healthcare, and business optimization. Suermondt received his B.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Medical Information Sciences from the Stanford University School of Medicine. He holds 38 granted U.S. patents, and is a Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics.



Discover attendees can attend Suermondt’s talk on Wednesday, December 11th, at 5:20 PM. Click here for information about other HP Discover sessions being presented by HP Labs researchers in Barcelona. HP Labs executives will also available at the HP on HP and HP Labs Guru Bar throughout the event for one-on-one conversations.

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