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HP Labs’ David Fattal honored as one of this year’s top innovators under 35 by MIT Tech Review


fattal_logo_web.jpgThis week the prestigious MIT Technology Review revealed its annual list of 35 top young innovators. For over a decade, the MIT Technology Review has recognized a list of exceptionally talented technologists whose work has great potential to transform the world. For his work in the field of computer and electronics hardware, HP Labs’ David Fattal has been honored as an outstanding inventor on the list.


Fattal joined HP Labs in 2005. He’s a principal scientist in the Systems Research Lab where he works with HP Fellow Ray Beausoleil. Fattal’s technological breakthrough, for which he was honored by a panel of distinguished judges and the editors of the MIT Tech Review, consists of “a new kind of display that can project colorful moving images, viewable in three dimensions from multiple angles without any special glasses.”


In a post on our blog in March, Fattal and Beausoleil described their research and wrote this about their invention following the publication of a paper in Nature Magazine: “This display technology forms 3D images by projecting different 2D images into different regions of space. A viewer located near the display will see a different image from his right and left eye, resulting in a 3D effect without the need for special glasses or eye tracking.”


As noted by MIT Technology Review these displays “could be attractive for use in smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other mobile devices.” 


Earlier this year in April MIT Technology Review selected Fattal as one of the top 10 innovators under 35 in France. In fact, he was named the “Top Inventor of the Year” in France.



Photo by Chris Willis

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This could be the next Glasses-free 3DTV

Congratulations David!


At last the brith of a 3D technology that does not need additional accessories. its good to see innovative products like these being created. is this technology going to be made available in Smartphones, Laptops, PC, TVs? Or is there a different plan altogether.

Wow.., this a gr8 Invention. Good breakthrough for the 3D viewing experiece.


Congrats David fattal!!!


That is great! Everyone here at the office enjoyed the video too!



I am impressed an asset indeed for Hp driving innovation to the cutting edge.

My Model No: p 6205 UK.Product #: VO239 AA  #   ABU.          Obviously a machine that is of UK type. #


have recently moved into Canada and have a slight problem with the difference in electricity. I have been told that my desktop machine will accept 110 instead of the 240 that was used in UK.  It does work....but a little slower that in UK. I assume that there is a way of changing to 110 but I do not know how to make the alteration I have removed a side plate of the desktop machine...had a look...could find nothing that looked as though it was the necessary alteration.....and promptly put the plate back again.


I would be very grateful for some guidance. Meanwhile I carry on with a 24 input.0

Our HP company has innovation in its DNA, we have gotten away from being the best in this field but we have all it takes and will for sure come back to produce and mean innovation, that matters.. HP Rocks!!!


@David Wakefield - thanks for your question. HP Labs doesn't provide tech support, but we encourage you to check in with our support communities at or on Twitter @hpsupport ( Good luck! -- Martina T.

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