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HP Labs at Discover Barcelona 2014 – Rethinking the Operating System with HP Fellow Tim Marsland


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist




Tim-Marsland_web.jpgAs HP Labs re-envisions computing hardware, building on innovations in processing, connectivity, and memory to create The Machine, it is also undertaking a complete re-evaluation of operating system design.


Attendees of HP Discover 2014 Barcelona have the chance to discuss why such a fundamental rethink is necessary – and explore potential new application architectures that might be enabled by The Machine – in a wide-ranging discussion forum with one of the leaders of HP Labs’ OS research, HP Fellow Tim Marsland.


“There are lots of issues to explore,” Marsland suggests. “The Machine gives us a chance to revisit longstanding OS design principles and ask if we can do things both very differently and significantly better. We can ask, for example, why operating systems haven’t really changed in decades? What we need to do to truly optimize for energy use? How we can fully exploit Universal Memory, which fuses memory and storage to free us from having to spend time and energy constantly reading and writing information into secondary storage at a distance from the CPU?”


Marsland will frame the conversation with a brief presentation and then open the discussion to explore these and other questions. At the same time, he wants to keep the focus from getting too blue sky. “We need to remember,” he says, “that while this is a research project, our goal is to manage the information explosion that we’re facing in the next decade. We’re looking to find a new way to reap actionable business insights quickly out of that data, instead of being overwhelmed by it.”


The forum will interest a range of attendees at Discover, Marsland believes. These include potential customers, users, and technologists curious about what a completely new approach to computing might achieve, and also developers and academic partners who might want to work with HP to make it happen.


One thing Marsland’s already sure of is that the OS driving The Machine will be open source. Because of that, he says, “I hope we get to talk about the opportunities that our work here at HP Labs will open up for partnering with both universities and the open source communities.”


Discover attendees can join Marsland’s discussion forum on Tuesday, December 2nd from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM in the Discover Theater.


Photo of Tim Marsland by Richard Lewington



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