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HP Labs at Discover Barcelona 2014 – Souvik Sen to preview HP Location Aware




Souvik-Sen_Web-2.jpgAttendees at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona can preview a new indoor positioning technology, developed at HP Labs and soon to be deployed by HP Networking, called HP Location Aware.


The system will locate any WiFi-enabled device within 2 meters of accuracy, which is up to five times better than competing alternatives. It also requires no additional infrastructure to be installed and no manual calibration or regular re-calibration, all of which most current indoor positioning technologies need.


In a Discover discussion forum on December 3rd, HP Labs Senior Research Scientist Souvik Sen will describe how HP Location Aware works and then lead an interactive discussion of possible use cases for the new HP service.


“There are a number of obvious applications for a technology this accurate and this affordable in both the consumer and enterprise spaces,” suggests Sen, a lead researcher in developing the technology. “But we’re pretty sure that we haven’t thought of all the ways it could add business value.”


HP Location Aware could power apps offering discounts, advertisements, or coupons within malls, or even within product areas in single stores, for example. It could also be used to enhance hospitality, security, indoor navigation, asset tracking, and network or energy management.


“HP Networking is releasing APIs for the technology which can enable specific services or applications,” Sen notes. “Businesses can develop their own uses for it, figuring that's the best way to help them save money or even start entirely new businesses. I’m excited to see the ideas everyone comes up with at Discover.”


Watch Souvik Sen explain CUPID, the HP Labs technology built into HP Location Aware, in this video:



Discover attendees can join Sen’s discussion forum on December 3rd, from 10:00 to 10:30 AM in the Discover Theater.


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Can we use this technology for the monitoring of the workstation occupation status?