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HP Labs at Discover Barcelona – Join Steve Simske to discuss Big Data and the Internet of Things


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist




StevenJSimske_BMP_headshot.jpgTechnology companies love to talk about ‘Big Data’ and ‘The Internet of Things,’ but detailed use cases for how advances in either lead to a measurable difference to business and customer value are harder to find.


Attendees at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona, though, will hear about a powerful example of both on December 2nd, when Steve Simske, HP Fellow and director of the Content Solutions Lab at HP Labs, leads a discussion forum focused on HP’s Global Product Authentication Service (GPAS).


“GPAS, which we launched as an anti-counterfeiting solution from HP Software’s Professional Services group last year, combines product tracking, cryptographics, variable data printing, and analytics to provide unique insights into a corporation’s global supply chain,” Simske notes. “It’s already being used very effectively to combat fraud, but I’ll show how it also helps us enhance security, ensure quality and compliance, improve marketing, and run supply chains with greater efficiency.”


The forum’s subtitle, “Actionable Analytics for Actual Objects,” underlines a key theme Simske is hoping to share: that the ability we already have to create and collect huge volumes of product-relevant data is enabling a new type of business analytic: real-time, secure information that can be used proactively with powerful effect.


“Through the aggregation of all the information that’s coming back to us as we following physical products through the supply chain, we can go beyond simply validating them and begin to uncover larger trends as they are emerging,” Simske explains. “With the right analytic algorithms, we can mine those trends to create new services in a wide variety of fields, such as brand engagement, marketing analysis, recall notification, and manufacturing - even creating services from de-identified information that alert other manufacturers to supply chain issues that they would benefit from knowing.”


GPAS utilizes the HP HAVEn big data platform and HP Helion cloud-based analytics and is the result of considerable cross-company collaboration. Many of its most advanced features – which include cryptographic-level randomness validation, code anti-replication, fast look up, clustering and classification – are built on research pioneered at HP Labs.  


“Our industry is only in the early stages of fully integrating and fully utilizing business analytics for services like knowledge management, service management, and data security,” Simske believes. “But this is a great example of the really sophisticated work in these areas that HP is already empowering its customers to do.”



Discover attendees can join Simske’s discussion forum on Tuesday, December 2nd, from 4:30 to 5:00 PM in the Discover Theater.


They can also check out the analytics behind GPAS as part of the ‘Big Data for the CIO’ demo, offered by HP Professional Services throughout Discover and located in the Discover Zone.


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