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HP Labs at Discover Barcelona – Rycharde Hawkes examines management at scale for the New Style of IT




Rycharde-Hawkes_blog.jpg“Many senior enterprise managers don’t realize just how complex their businesses have become from an IT perspective,” suggests HP Labs Senior Research Scientist Rycharde Hawkes.


“Most enterprises today deploy numerous hardware and software solutions purchased from multiple vendors that interact in a dizzying number of ways,” he notes. “But that reality is often hidden by the incredible work of their operational teams, and that masks the risk enterprises face from having more moving parts in their IT system than they can easily keep track of.”


As Hawkes will outline in a presentation at HP Discover 2014 Barcelona on December 2nd, this trend is set to continue, as relatively discrete hybrid enterprise cloud systems evolve over the next 5 to 10 years into intersecting cloud networks that offer the flexibility that companies want, but bring with them massive additional increases in complexity.


Managing these future IT systems as they are being managed today would require a huge infusion of human resources. Instead, though, businesses are looking to keep their IT management budgets flat and would even like to reduce them.


“So what we’ve been researching at HP Labs,” Hawkes says, “are tools that radically simplify how we manage IT – that let us easily monitor, aggregate, analyze, and visualize information about an entire IT ecosystem in a single pane of glass, offering insight into what’s going on and the ability to understand what the impact would be if we change things around.”


Crucially, this approach can scale as enterprise IT grows in complexity, without impacting costs. It’s also optimized from the outset for lightweight touch-enabled clients – so it can be as easily accessed on a tablet inside a data center, or on a smartphone at home on call, as on an operator’s desktop PC.


The HP Labs research effort has already born fruit in the form of HP Loom, a tool that enables the management of thousands of servers and up to tens of thousands of virtual machines from a simple console.


“Loom’s not just a passive information dashboard that you sit back and watch,” explains Hawkes. “You can use it to make changes on all the systems and services that are plugged into the tool.”


Hawkes’ talk will feature a demo of Loom as well as a look at the wider context for, and challenges being tackled by, HP Labs’ research in the area of management at scale.



Discover attendees can join Hawke’s session on Tuesday, December 2nd, from 4:30 to 5:00 PM in the Discover Theater.

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