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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Amip Shah on unlocking the full value of the Internet of Things


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


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“The Internet of Things (IoT) is rightly a hot topic in technology,” notes Amip Shah, head of Internet of Things research at HP Labs. After all, he says, “the networks of millions – and even billions - of linked devices envisioned by the concept could radically improve how we manage our lives.”


But at the same time, Shah argues, if we’re to make real progress on that vision, we need to separate the hype that too often surrounds the Internet of Things from the reality.


“We first need a clear sense of where we are today with the IoT and, especially, of what it can’t yet do that we’d like it to,” he suggests. “Then we can ask: what do we need to do to make those things happen?”


In a talk titled "Unlocking the Internet of Things: HP Labs on Distributed Mesh Computing" at HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas on June June 2nd, Shah will examine the IoT state-of-the-art, including a review of the research path that led us to where the IoT is today. He’ll then showcase work underway at HP Labs that promises to deliver on some of the potential it’s yet to realize.


“Currently, we have systems in cars, for example, that store information to share with mechanics at your dealership; or your thermostat is connected via wifi to the cloud, thanks to which you can heat and cool your home more efficiently,” Shah explains. “What’s coming next is “edge computing,” where we put very powerful but tiny computers in those cars and thermostats, and, by storing and processing very large amounts of data locally, we can substantially improve how those systems operate in real time.”


That concept will see life as part of The Machine, HP’s radical new approach to computing for the age of massive data flows. But Labs researchers are already looking to what Shah sees as a third generation Internet of Things.


“We’re calling it Distributed Mesh Computing,” he says. “The idea is that very smart and highly secure devices enabled by The Machine will be able to securely share information with other devices near them, without compromising privacy or proprietary information. If we can do that, we really will be on the way to exploiting the IoT’s full potential.”


In his talk, Shah will describe some of the research challenges that have to be solved to make Distributed Mesh Computing a reality. “A conceptual demo of how Distributed Mesh Computing might drive change in transport systems will also be running at the HP Labs booth in the Discover Zone,” he notes. “It’s another way to see how we’re looking to transform local data into intelligence across massive, complex systems.”



Discover attendees can attend Shah’s presentation – DT 1327 “Unlocking the Internet of Things: HP Labs on Distributed Mesh Computing” -- on Tuesday, June 2nd, from 4:30 to 5:00 PM in the Discover Theater 7. The interactive demo of Distributed Mesh Computing (Demo 709 in the session catalog) will be available throughout Discover in the HP Labs Pavilion in the Discover Zone.





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