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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – HP Labs Pavilion to showcase new technologies for The Machine


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The HP Labs Pavilion at HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas will feature many of the technologies set to power The Machine, HP’s ambitious research project to radically rethink computing.


Located in the Discover Zone expo area, the pavilion will offer demos, prototypes, mock-ups, and simulators showcasing some of the novel hardware and software innovations being developed by HP researchers to enable the collection, processing, storage, and analysis of data at unprecedented scale and speed.


“We’re excited to be sharing some of the real progress that we’ve made in the year since we announced The Machine,” says HP Labs strategy and communications manager Martina Trucco, who will also moderate a discussion panel offering ‘A Peek Under the Hood of The Machine’ in the Innovation Theater on Discover’s opening day.


“Our major goal is to develop a steady stream of technologies that will ultimately create a new computing architecture we need to handle the data flows of the future,” Trucco adds. “But we’re doing it in a way that permits those technologies to be deployed in – or otherwise help shape – HP products in the much nearer term, too.”


Among the hardware innovations on view will be a prototype rack-scale implementation of The Machine that’s helping researchers optimize performance, density, and power-efficiency for nanometer-scale microchip structures up to petabyte-scale memory arrays. HP Labs researchers are bringing the lab to Discover with a live demonstration of photonics in action, showing how they can transfer 100 Gigabits per second on a single optical fiber. Visitors can also get an up




close view of Memristors , the new class of non-volatile memory being developed at HP Labs that fuses high-performance memory with persistent, reliable storage in one hyper-efficient package; and understand the optical engines  at the heart of The Machine’s network fabric.


To take full advantage of The Machine’s hardware capabilities, HP Labs researchers are also rethinking the fundamentals of operating system software and programming models. The software demos featured will highlight their progress in adapting Linux to the new physics of persistent memory, photonics, and systems-on-a-chip and feature an architectural simulation that is letting HP engineers test their code and cutting-edge algorithms on The Machine before it even exists.


The software demos will also explore how computing processes might change when memory becomes both truly abundant and easy to access. One demonstration will outline ‘the surreal new world of data analytics’ that awaits, while others explore new frontiers in what we are able to compute and how we might manage millions of devices in a single system without being overwhelmed.


“Any new technology always introduces the potential for new security problems,” notes HP Labs security expert Pratyusa Manadhata who is set to speak about security and The Machine in Discover Theatre 1 on June 3rd. “But it also offers us the chance to reinvent how security works in computing. Along with several colleagues, I’ll be in the pavilion to share the Protect/Detect/Recover model that we’re developing to enable The Machine to protect itself, even against completely unknown threats.”


A final pavilion display area will explore what HP Labs researcher Amip Shah calls “the third generation of the Internet of Things.”


“Our expectation is that very smart and highly secure devices enabled by The Machine will be able to share information with other devices near them, without compromising security or proprietary information,” he suggests. “It’s a way to transform local data into intelligence across massive, complex systems that we’re calling Distributed Mesh Computing.”


Shah will offer a Discover Theater presentation on the subject, looking at the research challenges that must be solved to make Distributed Mesh Computing a reality. The pavilion, meanwhile, will feature an interactive demonstration of how Distributed Mesh Computing might transform transportation.



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