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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Rycharde Hawkes on “Management at Scale for the New Style of IT”


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist




Rycharde-Hawkes_blog.jpg“Modern business has become incredibly complex from an IT perspective,” suggests HP Labs Distinguished Technologist Rycharde Hawkes.  


“We’re already using large numbers of hardware and software solutions purchased from multiple vendors that we’re expecting to interact in ways that no-one ever planned for,” he notes. “Then look forward to the coming data explosion, and you can see that this model just isn’t sustainable.”


In a talk at HP Discover 2015 in Las Vegas on June 3rd, Hawkes will share recent HP Labs research aimed at overcoming this complexity, an approach he describes as “management at scale.” 


“We’ve been developing tools that radically simplify how we manage IT – that let us easily monitor, aggregate, analyze, and visualize information about an entire IT ecosystem in a single-pane-of-glass view, offering insight into what’s going on and the ability to understand what the impact will be if we change things around,” Hawkes explains.


The research effort, based in HP’s Security and Cloud Lab, has already borne fruit in the form of HP Loom, a prototype tool that enables the management of thousands of  virtual machines, storage volumes, networks, etc. from multiple clouds using an innovative single pane of glass user interface, which Hawkes will demo in his Discover presentation.


“I’ll show how Loom unifies the information from multiple clouds,” says Hawkes, “presents it in a single view, and then lets you ask questions about anything anomalous that’s revealed. Most importantly, though, it then lets you perform actual operations that span both clouds.” 


Crucially, this approach lets enterprises scale IT management without also scaling their costs. And it’s optimized from the outset for lightweight clients – so it can be as easily deployed on a tablet at a data center or a smartphone at home as on an operator’s desktop PC.


In addition to his talk, Hawkes and several colleagues will be demoing HP Loom throughout Discover in HP Labs’ Discover Zone pavilion, showcasing how it can also be used to manage HP Moonshot systems and their associated workloads.


He’ll show, for example, how Loom can tap into two management systems built without any knowledge of each other: one for hardware provisioning and the other a management system that understands software applications.


Deploying HP Loom on the fastest, highest-density HP systems currently available highlights the promise of such an approach, adds HP Labs Research Manager Julio Guijarro, who will also be demoing HP Loom at Discover.


“This is research that will enable the management of The Machine,” Guijarro notes, referencing HP’s vision for a fundamentally new computing architecture for the era of tens of billions of connected devices. “One of the things we’re hoping to convey in Las Vegas is the very real progress we have been making towards the new management capabilities that are going to make The Machine a reality.”


Discover attendees can attend Hawkes’ presentation on Wednesday, June 3rd, from 4:30 to 5:00 PM in Discover Theater 1. He’ll also be showcasing HP Loom with HP Labs colleagues in the HP Labs pavilion in the Discover Zone.


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