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HP Labs at Discover Las Vegas – Sharing HP’s strategic vision for open source software development


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist


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2487.Paul Holland4.JPGBdale_head.jpg“Establishing and maintaining a strong strategic commitment to open source software used to be just an option for major technology companies,” suggests Bdale Garbee, an HP Fellow in the office of HP CTO and HP Labs director, Martin Fink. “But today, it’s a business imperative.”


Companies are currently looking to develop faster-paced, ever more responsive ways of working, notes Garbee. “And because almost no one can afford to write all the code required to create these dynamic new IT infrastructures from scratch,” he says, “very often the only way we can develop them is via a commons of collaboratively developed and maintained software components from which we can pick and choose what we need.”


In a talk next week at HP Discover 2015, Garbee and Paul Holland, Director of HP’s Open Source Program Office, will jointly outline HP’s current approach to, and future plans for, this increasingly important model of software development.


“I’ll be sharing our top level view about why open source is, and will continue to be, a big deal for HP and outlining the fundamental tenets of our open source strategy,” Garbee says. “Then Paul will talk about all of the ways in which we are making that happen, including our work in communities like OpenStack® and the Linux® kernel, and the various open source foundations we’re involved with.”


“HP has had a strong open source strategy for a long time,” Garbee adds. “But I’m hoping that our talk will underscore the degree to which it is now aligned with HP’s top level, forward-looking business objectives.”


Both speakers also plan to point audience members to the many open source technologies and initiatives they can find being showcased in display areas throughout Discover.


In addition, much of the ground-breaking research currently underway at HP Labs on a fundamentally new computing architecture is being developed within an open source framework. Demonstrations and simulations showcasing a number of these innovations will be viewable in the HP Labs Pavilion in the Discover Zone.


Garbee and Holland’s talk, titled "HP, open source, and the New Style of IT", is on Tuesday, June 2nd, between 5:30 and 6:00 PM in Discover Theater 5. Discover attendees can view displays and demos of HP’s current and historic contributions to open source development in the DevOps area of the Discover Zone.







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Sounds great!

I'd love to see HP sell a high-end HP Notebook running HP optimized Linux.

The truth is some might not take open source efforts seriously if we're still tied to Windows.