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HP Labs at HP Discover – Jaap Suermondt offers a look at analytics research in an age of Big Data


Contributed by Simon Firth, freelance technology journalist




Jaap-thumbnail.jpg“The analytics tools we use were invented to work well with small amounts of data and strong phenomena – but unfortunately most of the data we want to analyze to improve medicine, transportation, security and intelligence, energy distribution, and business in general today is just not that simple,” notes Jaap Suermondt, VP and director of HP’s Analytics Lab.


In a talk titled, “When Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast, at Discover 2014 in Las Vegas, Suermondt will outline HP Labs’ vision for a new class of powerful, intuitive solutions that will let producers and consumers of Big Data analyze, visualize, and convert ‘messy’ data both speedily and at scale into genuinely actionable intelligence.  


Such tools will be all the more essential, Suermondt suggests, because data of all kinds is growing at a very fast rate, even as the time in which we’d like that data analyzed decreases. In addition, due to ownership and privacy concerns (and because much bulky data is mostly of local value and is being generated for multiple independent reasons in many separate tools, representations, and repositories), these huge volumes of data will likely remain siloed to some degree.


“The trend today in hyperscale computing is that whoever collects the most data in house will win,” Suermondt adds. “But in a world where data will be more and more protected and possibly decentralized among multiple distrusting parties, the winners will be whoever can provide the best service based on all of that data, without needing to bring it all in house.” 


Answering that challenge means finding ways to run secure queries across this mesh of separate-but-enormous data sources that can yield valuable information while maintaining the confidentiality and ownership of the data being addressed.


 “Imagine, for example, walking into a doctor’s office in a few years,” Suermondt says. “Our vision is that we should be able to compare your electronic records not just with everyone in that practice, or that health system, but with every patient in every system in the world, without anyone’s privacy being affected. If your physician sees an unusual gene expression, combination of symptoms, or side effect to a treatment, she can ask if a similar combination of findings has ever been seen anywhere ever before, and then treat you so much better as a result.”


Suermondt will share advances being made at HP towards that goal in data integration, visualization, discovery, interactive and immersive analytics; in turning data into actionable information; and in sensing and control analytics that will lead to a better understanding of the physical world around us.


Discover attendees can attend Suermondt’s talk on June 11th, from 12:45 to 1:15 PM in the Discover Theater. 

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