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HP Moonshot: the HP Labs team that did some of the groundbreaking research


THPMoonshotSystem_side_Ctcm.jpgHP today announced the launch of the first commercially available HP Moonshot system, a new type of server that tackles head-on the challenges of space, energy, cost and complexity of today’s data centers and hyper-scale environments in general.


Today’s announcement represents a true paradigm shift and is the result of both HP’s industry-leading server intellectual property and ten years of deep, strong and sustained effort from a dedicated team of HP Labs researchers.


Jichuan Chang, principal research scientist in the Systems Research Lab, was a senior architect of the approach underlying the new technologies.


“My first research at HP Labs was on the low-power architectures and hyperscale workloads that provided the early ideas for Moonshot, “says Chang. He’s delighted to see “all these years of hard work come to fruition.”



Above, HP Labs team members (L to R): Jichuan Chang- Principal Scientist, Partha Ranganathan - HP Fellow, Kevin Lim - Senior Research Scientist


HP Moonshot will enable HP’s partners to bring cost and energy savings to large-scale, data-intensive computing. Those are precisely the kind of dramatic improvements that will result from this new technology.


The new solution uses state-of-the art low-power processors, for example, but they alone can’t deliver the kinds of efficiencies achievable by rethinking the entire data management infrastructure, says HP Fellow Partha Ranganathan, another key member of the HP Labs team that contributed to the technology behind today’s announcement.


“It’s not just about the box anymore,” he argues. “It’s about shared chipsets, power, cooling, and storage – the entire fabric – and optimizing them all to work together. That’s really what Moonshot does.”

“I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in this effort from the beginning, working on microblade servers at HP Labs.”


Blade servers were a fundamental disruption in server design and prompted the HP Labs team to go beyond the platform to an overall solution which eventually resulted in HP Moonshot.


Paolo Faraboschi.jpgDistinguished technologist Paolo Faraboschi is “very proud to be part of the team that grew the Moonshot vision from concept to reality. It has been a long journey, and it is incredibly rewarding to see Moonshot hitting the market.”


Last but not least, the youngest member of this crack team of researchers, Kevin Lim, senior research scientist, is thoroughly excited to see his work become reality. “The work we did on early Moonshot-like architectures formed a large part of my Ph.D. thesis.”


The next target for HP’s Systems Research Lab will be to combine the vision underlying Project Moonshot with other recent HP innovations such as photonic interconnects and memristor-based memory.


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