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HPE Discover 2015: See Hewlett Packard Labs Technology in Action across the Transformation Zone


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

One of the hallmarks of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 is an extravagant presentation of interactive and hands-on technical demonstrations. The demos are spread across the Transformation Zone in a series of thematic Pavilions: Empower, Enable, Protect, and Transform.

In addition to getting a behind the scenes look at The Machine at the Hewlett Packard Labs pavilion, take some time to see Labs technology in action, in some of the HPE products and solutions featured below.

This is no exhaustive guide. (This is the exhaustive guide.) But this post may provide a good starting point for your perambulations. We would welcome your reactions to your demo experience. Tweet your impressions to @HPE_Labs or post your comments here on this post.



Demo 1245: Put Deep Learning Technology to work for you

Get access to CogX, Hewlett Packard Labs’ massively parallel open source cognitive computing platform, running on HPE Apollo high-performance computing (HPC) servers. It enables ultra-scale big data analytics providing real-time results. Discover how you can improve business analytics productivity with unprecedented processing speed, efficiency, scale, and portability that will allow your analysts to process, manage and analyze data more effectively.

Demo 1223: Raising your IT organization’s IQ through actionable intelligence

In today’s changing business and IT environment, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s IT organization needed to adapt in real-time to resolve root causes of failures faster and enable better operational performance. Join us to learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise IT enabled end-to-end visibility, as well as advanced correlation and predictive capabilities, by combining best-in-class monitoring from the Business Service Management suite with Operations Analytics. Labs researchers contributed automatic log parsing, helping reduce time to value on all logs. Our contributions keep you from wading through all of your logs or guessing at the right search term. Smart log anomaly detection focuses your investigation of the root cause.

discoverhall-blogfeed.gifDemo 7625
: Hewlett Packard Enterprise IoT Smart Metering solution empowers utilities companies

Smart metering is changing the utilities market. Driven by regulation, millions of residential meters are becoming “smart.” Managing an ever-growing number of smart meters is a complex undertaking. To scale up, utilities companies need to optimize their operational environment. Come to this demo to discover how Vodafone offers smart meter management to Italian Utilities via the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Metering solution and Hewlett Packard Enterprise IoT Platform, featuring technology developed with Hewlett Packard Labs.


Demo 1330: Continuously monitor and protect vulnerabilities in production applications

Even the best application security programs have vulnerabilities in production applications, due to resource-risk tradeoffs, third-party code that cannot be changed and/or new exploits. Come to this demo to learn how HPE Security Application Defender, developed with Hewlett Packard Labs, can actively defend your production applications against attacks in real time, providing line-of-code detail and the ability to block attacks. Find out how to send application security events to your SIEM for further analysis and correlation.

Demo 1331: End-to-end application security with HPE Security Fortify

Applications that run your business are primary targets for cyber-attacks. Join us to learn how HPE Security Fortify's offerings (on-premises or on-demand) can help protect your apps. Find out how to scan your source code and apps to identify weaknesses and prioritize vulnerabilities. Learn how to harness the power of big data and machine learning to reduce false detection of vulnerabilities, for fewer issues to evaluate for a security auditor and more consistent audits. The Machine Learning algorithm uses a unique set of features, designed by Labs, capable of characterizing coding styles and expertise.

Demo 1332: HPE TippingPoint DVLabs threat intelligence and Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation (eVR)

Join us to learn about the HPE TippingPoint Digital Vaccine Labs team, which focuses on advanced threat intelligence to secure networks, critical data and vulnerabilities. Find out about the ThreatDV service, which includes reputation security feeds and malware filters to protect against the latest threats. Explore Enterprise Vulnerability Remediation, which allows integration with third-party vulnerability management solutions to automatically remediate vulnerabilities with a virtual patch. Labs’ security researchers have contributed over 5000 previously unknown malicious domains to the RepDV (Reputation Digital Vaccine) through our DNS Malware Analytics work.

Demo 1343: Actionable, relevant threat intelligence through analysis and use of communities of security experts

Threat intelligence requires analysis of tactical data with an overlay of context in order for it to be truly actionable, trust-worthy and relevant to a specific customer. Threat Central performs such analysis. Join us to learn how Threat Central leverages communities of trust and multiple data sources to provide threat intelligence that can be applied in HPE ArcSight ESM via direct integration or in other products that can leverage a RESTful API or STIX/TAXII connections. Threat Central was developed in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Labs, which assisted in creating an automated and almost instantaneous transfer of information.

Demo 1347: Modernize business processing for high availability with HPE Superdome X and Serviceguard for Linux

Many companies want to modernize their business processing to improve their competitive advantage. Supporting transactions vital to the business requires a compute infrastructure that provides the necessary continuity and availability to keep the business functioning. During this virtual rack demo, you will see how the HPE Integrity Superdome X server and Serviceguard for Linux meet these needs by delivering leading levels of performance/scalability, availability and flexibility. The demo shows the work of Hewlett Packard Labs in supercharging Spark on Superdome X.

Demo 1365: Combat Cyber Threats with HPE Security ArcSight SIEM

Visit this demo to learn about Hewlett Packard Enterprise enterprise security management software. Discover how the software combines event correlation and security analytics to identify and prioritize threats in real time and remediate incidents early. Hewlett Packard Labs helped develop a method for identifying the one percent of logs that contained real threats.


Demo 1604: Manage from traditional IT to cloud using a single pane of glass with HPE Operations Bridge

Bring your own monitoring; and use the HPE Operations Bridge; are the core tenets of Hewlett Packard Enterprise's new monitoring automation solution. Come to this demo to learn how to manage across classical IT to cloud infrastructure, as well as across multiple technologies including Cloud Foundry®. Learn how using behavioral learning, predictive analytics, event management, extensive automation and colorful business-aligned dashboards yields root causes and business impacts of IT incidents. Pinpoint the right issue using log file intelligence, reducing millions of logs to a handful of informative messages.

Learn more at HPE Discover 2015, which is taking place in London from December 1 through December 3.  

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