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HPE Discover 2015: See What’s Next For The Machine at Hewlett Packard Labs Pavilion


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

On the floor of HPE Discover 2015 in London, Hewlett Packard Labs is turning part of its Pavilion into a “petting zoo.”

There will be a dearth of llamas, baby impalas, and tiger cubs. But there will be a surfeit of hands-on experiences for visitors. The Labs “animals” available in the petting zoo will include a rack-scale prototype, photonics demonstrations, and memory fabric.

20_HP_Discover2015_08690.jpgThis tactically immediate display, hosted by the Hewlett Packard Labs Pavilion, will allow Discover’s 10,000-plus high level IT professional attendees to see the development of The Machine firsthand in real life. They will literally be able to put their hands on the elements which will create the computer of the future.

Walk through the Pavilion to take The Machine’s journey from the ground up. In hardware, visitors will find the prototype rack-scale implementation of The Machine that’s helping researchers optimize performance, density, and power-efficiency for nanometer-scale microchip structures up to petabyte-scale memory arrays. In essence, the Lab is coming to Discover, including a live demonstration of photonics in action, showing how it is possible to transfer 100 Gigabits per second on a single optical fiber.

Of particular note, is the “DMC Wall.”

The wall consists of a large standing grid of interactive monitors studded with nodes which represent sensors gathering data from different elements in a transportation ecosystem, from a car’s engine performance, the weather condition on the roads, or the integrity of a vehicle's tires or body,. . It is a dramatic graphical representation of how distributed mesh computing (DMC) can make the Internet of Things into the Internet of Your Things. Because you don’t have to move your data to the cloud anymore, you will have the power to centralize it all on your own device and take full control of what you want and don’t want to share to the community. The wall is your device - your control - writ large. 

discchrist.jpgThe software elements of The Machine are also included in the Pavilion experience. Learn how Memory-Driven Computing can fuel your Spark workloads through significant performance improvements at scale. Through Live Graph, find out how you can optimize your world with the most challenging live graph analytics on The Machine. 

There are also demos of real-time graph analytics some of the fastest and most efficient analytics applications. Finally, you can learn about the importance of building security mechanisms into the foundations of The Machine to prevent malicious attacks and provide real-time assurance about access control, privacy and monitoring.  

Learn more about the innovations of Hewlett Packard Labs by visiting HPE Discover 2015, taking place in London from December 1 through December 3.  

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