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HPE sponsoring The Next Billion – Labs Chief Architect to Keynote



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs


On Thursday, October 13, HPE is the presenting sponsor of Quartz’s The Next Billion, a one-day, single-track conference on innovation in San Francisco.

The company will occupy the Joe Henderson Lab, an 800 square foot, interactive space on the ground floor of the SFJAZZ Center. From our HPE Discover events, we’ll be bringing some of our most popular exhibits: the Labs “petting zoo”, the Distributed Mesh Computing wall, an interactive photo booth, and more.

Perhaps more importantly, HPE and Labs personnel will participate in the event. Lara Birkes, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer for HPE, and Labs Chief Architect for The Machine, Kirk Bresniker, will host a back-and-forth fireside chat about Memory-Driven Computing and introduce The Machine video.


“We’re tantalizingly close to being able to enable everyone to live well-informed, productive, data-rich lives,” said Bresniker. “Enabling that not just for us but for ‘the next billion’ means we’ll need to create systems that get faster and cheaper than they ever have before, and that’s where we’re going to hit the wall.”

All the tech we have relied upon for last sixty years, CMOS, conventional operating systems, database, electronic communications, are running out of headroom, according to Bresniker, all of it hitting the top of the S-curve – the twilight for “better next year than this year.” What is not stopping is exponential growth in demand.

“This is ‘simultaneous regime change,’” he said. “You can handle it when it comes one at a time, but when you get this triple-witching effect, you have to do something radical.”

Bresniker believes that memory is the answer to this problem.

“We believe memory can continue to scale, and with it, the next billion can be afforded the opportunities they deserve, rich in insight from all of our accumulated data.”

Tune in as we cover the event live on Thursday 10/13 on the @HPE and @HPE_Labs Twitter accounts and the @HPE Instagram account, as well as broadcasting a conversation and tour with Bresniker and Birkes via Facebook Live on HPE’s Facebook page.

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