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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015: Every opportunity is also a bit of a threat


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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

“We’re building in security to the foundational elements of The Machine,” said Bill Horne, Director of Security Research at Hewlett Packard Labs.

Working with a cross-departmental team, Horne’s team is using the best available ideas from both security engineering practice and the research community to make sure The Machine will deliver unprecedented levels of security.  Talk to any security person, Horne said, and they will complain that “security is typically bolted on as an afterthought.” Creating a brand new computer system is a great opportunity to “build security in from the ground up.”

This is the topic of his HPE Discover 2015 session, “Security for The Machine: a sneak peek at security research from Hewlett Packard Labs.”

Bill Horne.jpgHorne will explain how his team is addressing three fundamental aspects of security: protection, detection, and recovery.  “We want to protect The Machine from attack in every way possible”, Horne said, “but the reality is that attackers are very clever and some may get in no matter what we do.  So we have to detect and recover from those attacks rapidly when they happen.”

“There are novel design elements we are thinking about” on The Machine, he said, “but thankfully, we don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel.  We’re looking at various mechanisms for protecting data on The Machine, and for making sure The Machine is always is a known, safe state.”

Horne and his team are harmonizing brand new opportunities arising from radical design change, with five decades of security design and are building out both. The lessons learned in this process, “present opportunities for us to bring this technology into our traditional server businesses as well.”

While Horne’s session is devoted to security for The Machine, he will also describe how The Machine itself can be used to solve large scale security problems.  For example, with The Machine “we can collect and analyze terabytes of event data on a daily basis. That’s a game changer for security.”

Learn more at Horne’s session, T6656Security for The Machine: a sneak peek at security research from Hewlett Packard Labs” which takes place on Wednesday, December 2, between 9:30 and 10:00 AM in Theater 6..

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