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High school programmers meet for 3rd annual CodeWars competition


madhouse.jpgPalo Alto CodeWars teams heads down on their problem sets

By Johanna Kwan, Hewlett Packard Labs Project Manager and CodeWars volunteer

On Saturday, March 5 in Palo Alto, California, Hewlett Packard Labs and HP Labs joined forces to host our 3rd annual high school programming competition, CodeWars.

Employee volunteers from both HP Labs and Hewlett Packard Labs were involved. John Sontag, Vice President, Systems Research at Hewlett Packard Labs, and Keith Moore, HP Fellow and Head of Print and 3D Lab at HP Labs, served as Executive Sponsors.

It was a marvelous madhouse in Palo Alto – one of nine global locations for this international coding competition – with 50 Teams from 16 different schools competing at the Page Mill campus.

trophies.jpgThe hardware

27 of the teams competed in the novice category and 23 in the advanced category. The teams from Beaumont High School and Palos Verdes High School, both in Southern California, traveled the furthest.

Each competing team faced a set of 21 programming problems during a timed 3 hour competition where more points are assigned to problems of increasing difficulty. Each team chooses which problems to tackle. In addition to the trophies, all students are entered into raffles for a set of prizes including HP Envy 8 tablets, an HP Pavilion 27c 27-inch curved display, Roar wireless speakers, Bamboo Bluetooth speakers, a Smart Watch, and two HP Envy printers. Thanks again to HP Labs, Hewlett Packard Labs, DreamWorks & Harman International.

All Palo Alto teams completed problems 0, 1 & 2. Only one team completed problem 21, 14 & 15 respectively. At the Roseville CodeWars location, problems zero to 10 and 13 were solved and were the only ones attempted.  At least three successful solutions were received for each. Nationally, problems 16, 17, and 20 had no correct solutions (and none or few submissions).

The problem set will be posted soon on under “Past Events.”


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