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Innovation is part of HP Labs’ DNA


Contributed by E.G.Nadhan, HP Distinguished Technologist. Nadhan is an active blogger on the HP Services Journey through Enterprise IT Sevices blog. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, has co-authored several books and is an astute observer of the services technology landscape.


Innovation has been part of HP Labs' DNA, going back all the way to the Light Emitting Diode (LED) in 1966 and the Cesium-beam atomic clock in 1967. The constant stream of innovations coming from HP Labs spans across multiple timeframes into the future -- Advanced Development (2 years), Applied Research (2-5 years) and Exploratory Research for (5-20+) years. Thus, it was no surprise to continue experiencing innovative solutions at the HP Discover Las Vegas 2013 conference.


Here are some of the innovations that HP Labs showcased at the HP Discover 2013 conference:


  1. HP Vertica Pulse. Built on HP Labs’s Live Customer Intelligence (LCI) technology, HP Vertica Pulse is a scalable, in-database solution that harnesses the volume and velocity of social media data. A single line of SQL can extract “attributes,” or the aspects of a brand, product, service, or event that your users and customers are talking about; and the ability to assign a sentiment score for each of these attributes.
  2. HP Moonshot servers. HP Moonshot servers are about the size of a hardcover book equipped with processing power, storage and networking connections occupying 80 percent less space than traditional, pizza-box-sized servers.
  3. Predicting the future with Systems of Engagement. Enterprises are evolving to Systems of Engagement building up on the Systems of Record in place today. In my talk, I described how innovations from HP Labs’ Social Computing research group can work with these Systems of Engagement to identify key trends that predict the future.
  4. Transforming ideas into innovation – Remember the presentation on innovating Planet Earth by 2020 by Chandrakant Patel, Chief Engineer, HP Labs in HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt.  Well, in this session at the HP Discover 2013 conference, Patel brings it all together by explaining how focused research transforms ideas into value at HP Labs through their Industrialization and co-creation followed by their eventual productization and scaling. Take for example, the EcoPODs.

For enterprises to realize their Return on Innovation – it is important that it is done with proper business context like the innovations listed above. I would characterize “Return on Innovation” - another definition for ROI – as “creativity applied with passion to disrupt our quality of life for the better”.




How about you? What are the innovative experiences you have had? Or, even better, are there innovative thoughts or applications of these concepts that come to your mind? I would be excited to know.


Connect with Nadhan on: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Journey Blog.



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