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Labs at Discover: Demos

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By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

HPE Discover’s focus this year in Las Vegas, June 6-8, is on Hybrid IT – how to find your right mix of public cloud, private cloud, and legacy technology – and Intelligent Edge – the next generation of the Internet of Things that co-locates sensor, storage, and compute.  

As usual Hewlett Packard Labs will deliver its own emerging technologies to this mix in the form of a host of hands-on demos for the discerning attendees of the upcoming conference.

Perhaps the most exciting is The Machine at full scale demo, presenting the latest 40-node Machine prototype. This functioning Memory-Driven Computing system was able to successfully run a Large Scale Graph Inference program to 1 billion vertices! See how it was put together and what it will make possible and talk to the scientists and engineers who made it.

There will also be an always-on Emerging Computing “petting zoo” featuring the most out-there tech. There, you can experience hands-on expressions of Optical Computing, Neuromorphic Computing, and Silicon Photonics.

This is the full list with descriptions of Labs’ demos at Discover, staffed by our technical and communications experts. A separate post on our Sessions is also available so you can understand the technology behind the tools.

The Machine at full scale (DEMO12541)

Last October, Hewlett Packard Enterprise demonstrated the world's first Memory-Driven Computing architecture with The Machine project. You're invited for an exclusive preview of the full-scale version of The Machine prototype. This major milestone on our journey to Memory-Driven Computing aims to create technologies several orders of magnitude more powerful than any system online today.

Start developing in a world designed for Memory-Driven Computing (DEMO12542)

We invite developers to start thinking about what it means to program for a Memory-Driven Computing architecture, with massive pools of non-volatile memory, fast memory fabric and task-specific processing.  As part of The Machine project, we aiming to simplify the developer experience, exposing familiar programming environments like Linux and Portable Operating System Interface APIs with programming languages like C/C++ and Java, making the performance advantages of massive memory on fabrics available to you in a way that lets you be productive quickly.

Emerging computing to expand your digital intelligence (DEMO12546)

After several years of intense activity from the big key players, all indicators show that cognitive research and development, tools and applications for business solutions are accelerating. While many of the trends focus on machine and deep learning, the whole field of artificial intelligence and cognitive systems is attracting high interest. Come to this demo to explore futuristic Hewlett Packard Labs’ research in silicon photonics, neuromorphic computing and optical computing.

Deep Learning Cookbook – get your technology recipe to build a deep learning system (DEMO12543)

Deep Learning is a key enabling technology behind the recent revival of Artificial Intelligence. Adopted by a handful of tech giants and industry leaders for computer vision and speech recognition, it is of interest to many other companies who see the potential of this technology in different domains and believe it can have a profound effect on their businesses. Yet they don’t have expertise and resources to make informed decisions on optimal hardware and software to run deep learning workloads efficiently.  Our cookbook is here to help.

 Intelligent edge and the future of computing (DEMO12545)

IoT will someday be a near-seamless global mesh of intelligent devices that help you run your business and serve your customers.  Intelligent devices will run the gamut from nanostructures for in-body healthcare to industrial robots and high-altitude communications drones. The penetration of consumer IoT tech into the enterprise will also be disruptive. Hewlett Packard Labs is bringing 5G to the enterprise, delivering intelligent access networks, and using deep learning technology to enable new IoT use cases.

Ghost in the Shell movie collaboration with Hewett Packard Enterprise (DEMO12547)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise partnered with DreamWorks Studio and Paramount on developing technology concepts for the future from The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing journey in the new movie “Ghost in the Shell”.  Get a look at the creative ideas and behind the scenes clips on how this collaboration came together.

Registration is open and the catalogue is active for HPE Discover 2017.


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