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Labs research informs new HPE thought leadership platform



Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently launched Enterprise.nxt, a new section of that provides IT and business leaders with insights and blueprints to inform their digital business strategies.

The site is currently featuring Technology.nxt, a survey of emerging technology trends based on extensive research by Hewlett Packard Labs research analyst Sue Charles. It explores trends like the future of machine learning, virtual reality, the end of Moore’s Law, privacy, and the Internet of Things.

Enterprise.nxt is a forum for HPE experts, outside experts and independent journalists to present the latest thinking on how digital technology is changing business.

The site is a mobile-native publication that offers a range of robust editorial features, including tech reports, data visualizations, case studies and research, along with in-depth reports on digital trends that are reshaping specific industries and business in general.

Enterprise.nxt aims to provide a comprehensive roadmap to help business leaders craft and implement digital transformation strategies. “There’s a lot of material out there on digital transformation,” said Richard McGill Murphy, HPE’s editor-in-chief. “We focus on how new technology is changing companies and markets, because HPE makes the technology that does the disrupting.”

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