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Moving from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Your Things




Amip-Shah_1_April-2015_thum.jpgWhat is the right tradeoff between risk and value when more and more devices get connected to the cloud? What are the opportunities but also the serious risks to our privacy of the current state of the Internet of Things?


In the summer issue of HP Matter the head of Internet of Things research at HP Labs Amip Shah discusses HP's vision for how best to derive value from the massive collection of data and connected devices at the core of IoT -- but without putting people's privacy at risk.


Shah distinguishes between Generation 1,2 and 3 of the Internet of Things and introduces the notion of Distributed Mesh Computing. Generation 1 is the unbridled collection of people's data in the cloud. Generation 2 is the collection of data at the device level. And generation 3 is about building a system "that actually has to do with giving people control over their data."


Read the entire interview at HP Matter.





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