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Neuromorphic Computing: Labs Research Revealed at Discover (Cross-Post)



By Calvin Zito, Blogger and Storage Evangelist

Cross-posted from Around the Storage Block

My friend and colleague in Hewlett Packard Labs Martina Trucco (Strategy and Communications Manager) reached out to me prior to Discover and asked if I'd be interested in getting the scoop on research that would be previewed for the first time at Discover. Martina has helped me get an insider's view many times and I knew this would be another home run. 

The topic was Neuromorphic Computing. If you had seen me prepping for this video, you would have got a good laugh out of it. On the last day of Discover after an exhausting week, my brain was having a hard time locking in on the words Neuromorphic Computing. Ironic!

I went to the Labs Spotlight Session titled the “Tomorrow Show” so I could get my first introduction to the topic and get some "b-roll" footage. Cat Graves was on stage with Martina and Richard Lewington, Technical Communications Manager for Labs.  The discussion with Cat was just one of three really interesting technologies that were discussed during the session so check out the 24 minute video - it's pretty interesting stuff.

But before you watch The Tomorrow Show, here's my discussion with Cat about Neuromorphic Computing.


Related Information

If you want to see my video with Martina giving an introduction to the Machine and another video I did looking at photonics and universal memory, check out my blog post "The Machine, Hewlett Packard Labs, and Me" from Discover London.  

Also check out the blog post on the Behind the Scenes @ Labs blog "Neuromorphic Computing: a closer look at labs research reviewed at HPE Discover 2016."

Checkout the first 10 minutes of the Discover Day 2 keynote that focused on the Machine. This includes a very fun ad with Star Trek. 

And finally, if you want to go a lot deeper on Neuromorphic Computing, check out the research on Labs' website

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