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(PHOTO ESSAY) It's World IP Day!


kirkbresnikerpatents.jpgLabs Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker in his patent plaque-paneled lair

Today is World Intellectual Property Day  Everybody in the house say "creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names, and images used in commerce"!

One of the ways we measure IP at Labs is through patents awarded to researchers and the shorthand for those patents is the ubiquitous patent plaques that decorate, or in some cases barricade, the cubicles of our engineers. 

So we sent our default in-house photojournalists to document the aforementioned ubiquity. Thanks to Rebecca Lewington for roaming the hallways of Palo Alto and Ingrid Hooker for covering Ft. Collins. 

KivancOzonat.jpgKivanc Ozonat's pile o' plaques

antoniolain.jpgOne of Antonio Lain's plaques, back from the velodrome

dejanmilojicicpatents.jpgDejan Milojicic's patents prefer the football

lisapallotti.jpgAnd Lisa Pallotti's ski bum patents help put the cliche of the etiolated nerd to rest

gregglasatre.jpgGregg Lasartre's wall, teleological not ontological

edgarcircenispatents.jpgThe Patents of Edgar Circenis


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