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Pattern mining on a billion records


Vertica logo.jpgAre you searching for patterns in Big Data? Do you want to determine trends from your customer data or even network event logs?


In a blog post published recently on the HP Vertica blog a team of HP Labs researchers show how the Vertica Analytics Platform can be used to find patterns from a billion records in a couple of minutes, about 9x faster than Hadoop.


Here's the abstract of the research presented in the blog post:

Pattern mining can help analysts discover hidden structures in data. Pattern mining has many applications—from retail and marketing to security management. For example, from a supermarket data set, you may be able to predict whether customers who buy Lay’s potato chips are likely to buy a certain brand of beer. Similarly, from network log data, you may determine groups of Web sites that are visited together or perform event analysis for security enforcement. In this blog post, we will show you how the HP Vertica Analytics Platform can efficiently find frequent patterns in very large data sets.

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