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Persistent and volatile memories of SXSW



By Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect and HPE Fellow

SXSW Interactive was a fantastic experience. It was unlike anything I've ever done, either in my current role as Chief Architect at Labs or when I was Chief Technologist in the Servers business unit.

Our partner, Fast Company, went out of their way to help me make connections, and they know absolutely fascinating people. The panels that Tomer Sagi and I participated in were cutting edge technical discussions seamlessly mixed with amazing creative panels.

When Chuck Salter, Fast Company senior editor and panel moderator, introduced me to my co-panelists Argodesign founder Mark Rolston and R/GA technology director Katrina Bekessy, we were all immediately absorbed into a discussion of the technical, social, and ethical considerations of a world of ubiquitous computing.  Chuck had to cut our prep discussion short or we would have missed our panel time.  Our HPE team was also on top of their game and had everything working like well-oiled Machine (pun intended), live tweeting the best of the conversations.

The picture to the right was an installation to help people visual Distributed Mesh Computing (DMC) by walking through and interacting with the Internet of (their) Things. The nodes had sensors and people had a great time discovering hidden patterns of connection in the installation by manipulating their DMC environment.

Of course, given that these events were hosted at the Fast Company Grill, there were more than cool panels and installations. There were also amazing DJs, lots and lots of cool food, a diversity of backgrounds, passions, and opinions orders of magnitude bigger than any HPE event I'd ever attended.

Finally, there was the special “Machine” cocktail. As someone wrote in the comments to one of the Social Media team posts, they were ideal for turning persistent memories into volatile

Watch the video here.

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Great meeting you at SXSW and I look forward to staying in touch.  I enjoyed our discussions about HP past and HPE future.  I'm exciting to part of the legacy that you and your team are leading for the company.



Kirk - We had a blast with you. It's great to know the smartest guy in the room (and that room was full of some really smart people). You're really changing the world. 

For anyone who would like to see Kirk in action, check out this video we just produced with Great Big Story:



Joe Rodgers

HPE Labs twitter feed shared some great content from the event. I will not be missing SXSW next year!