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Sessions and Demos: Labs brings Memory-Driven Computing to Discover Madrid



By Curt Hopkins, Managing Editor, Hewlett Packard Labs

At HPE’s latest Discover conference, taking place in the Spanish capitol of Madrid from November 28-30, Hewlett Packard Labs will be bringing a new level of access to Memory-Driven Computing. This new architecture will secure a future beyond the end of Moore’s Law.

Labs is expanding its earlier presentation on alternatives to traditional computing in both its presentations and in the demos it will offer at the Labs Pavilion.

For complete details, read on. Then register at the HPE Discover website.


Innovation Session

Who needs Moore’s Law? Hewlett Packard Labs’ unconventional approach

Session #: IS4335

Date: Thursday, November 30

Time: 9:30-10:00

Moderator: Martina Trucco

Speakers: Kirk Bresniker, Cat Graves, Natalia Vassilieva

The end of Moore’s Law could be the best thing that has happened in computing since the beginning of Moore’s Law. Confronting the end of an epoch should enable a new era of creativity by encouraging computer scientists to invent biologically inspired devices, circuits, architectures, and new programming models implemented using emerging technologies. Join innovators from Hewlett Packard Labs as we share our unconventional strategies to vastly improve execution speed without relying on Moore’s Law.


The Ethics of AI: Tool, partner, or master?

Session #: IS4506

Date: Thursday, November 30

Time: 10:30-11:00

Moderator: Rebecca Lewington

Speakers: Kirk Bresniker, Eng Lim Goh, Rosa Colmenarejo


Fueled by rapid advances in AI frameworks and increasingly powerful hardware platforms, we are seeing AIs outperform humans in fields from image recognition, to driving, to poker. But as the complexity and autonomy of an AI grows, issues of privacy, self-determination, and free will are becoming more significant. Is there a threshold after which we have a responsibility for the ethical treatment of artificial consciousness? Join experts from across the AI world to explore how we can augment human capabilities without sacrificing our humanity.

Spotlight Session

The Machine project and Memory-Driven Computing: Powering tomorrow’s AI-driven enterprise

Session #: SL4538

Date: Wednesday, November 29

Time: 9:30am – 10:30am

Moderator: Martina Trucco

Speakers: Kirk Bresniker, Sharad Singhal, Michael Woodacre, Eng Lim Goh, Dr. Joachim Schultze, Dr. Matthias Becker 

The Machine project has achieved a lot since it was announced in 2014. We built the world’s largest single-memory computer and sped up real-world algorithms by up to 10,000x. We are excited about using its Memory-Driven Computing architecture to accelerate machine learning, supercomputing, containerized data centers and edge-to-core distributed systems. Speakers from Germany’s Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases and HPE will discuss our plans to power the hypercompetitive future.


Discover Theater

Intelligent Edge, a look at today, tomorrow and the future

Session #: T4241

Date: Tuesday, November 28

Time: 11:00am – 11:30am

Speakers: Lin Nease, Puneet Jain, Gerald Kleyn

We are fast approaching a world in which the number of smart devices connected to the internet will dwarf the number of people. The Internet of Thing is expected to generate more data than current technology will be able to handle. The ability to hunt through that data to cull the valuable nuggets will be key to business success. Join thought leaders from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Hewlett Packard Labs to examine the new wave of Intelligent Edge solutions that will enable us to process the expected data deluge more efficiently and intelligently.


Power your Memory-Driven future with the next generation HPE Superdome

Session #: T4242

Date: Wednesday, November 29

Time: 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Speakers: Sharad Singhal, Michael Woodacre


What can you achieve if you abandon 60 years of convention and compromise? Using Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s big-memory systems and Memory-Driven Computing programming techniques, Hewlett Packard Labs has accelerated real-world healthcare and finance algorithms by multiple orders of magnitude in industries where speed and precision are paramount. Learn how to get started. Join leading HPE technologists as we dive into the new Memory-Driven Computing development environment powered by the next generation HPE Superdome.


Discussion Forum

A Hewlett Packard Labs conversation on enabling a 5G experience for enterprise-access networks

Session #: DF4243

Date: Tuesday, November 28

Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm

Speaker: Christina Vlachou


The promise of 5G is seamless, gigabit-speed wireless connectivity while also meeting the hard latency required by Internet of Things applications such as virtual/augmented reality and the connected car. Hewlett Packard Labs has developed 5G technology tailored for the enterprise. This technology will enable gigabit connectivity for users, and meet the low-latency demands of Industrial Internet of Things applications seamlessly and cost-effectively. Join us for an interactive conversation about using 5G technology for next-generation enterprise connectivity solutions.


HPE Deep Learning Cookbook, get your technology recipe to build a deep learning system

Session #: DF4244

Date: Wednesday, November 29

Time: 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Speaker: Natalia Vassilieva


Deep learning is a key enabling technology behind the recent revival of artificial intelligence and is of interest to many companies that believe it can have a profound effect on their businesses. However, these companies lack the expertise to make informed decisions on optimal hardware and software to run deep learning workloads efficiently. Join us for an interactive discussion on how HPE’s Deep Learning Cookbook can jump start the technologies and tools you’ll need to solve different deep learning challenges depending on your scenario.




 Experience Labs innovations in-person, at the Hewlett Packard Labs Pavilion. The Pavilion is staffed by experts who can walk you through demos, answer questions and show you how to interact with the technology.


The movie house

  • See how PathForward accelerates HPE’s journey to exascale computing: View an interactive exhibit that showcases how exascale computing will have a profound impact in fields such as personalized medicine, weather modeling, and climate change science.
  • Watch “Eighteen Zeros”: Here you will be able to watch the short, Atlantic-produced documentary on the journey to exascale computing


The Machine at full scale demo area

  • This live demo of The Machine, our first Memory-Driven Computing prototype and the world’s largest single-memory computer, will show how Large Scale Graph Inference will identify white-listed and black-listed sites, as well as the prototype’s executive dashboard.
  • The “Petting Zoo” includes the first hardware design of the prototype node boards and Innovation Zone boards, as well as The Machine prototype mock-up rack with 160 terabytes of memory.
  • A large display will feature video of The Machine prototype live, a 360 video of The Machine prototype on tablets, a video about how Memory-Driven Computing could help with the “Mission to Mars,” and infographics.


Memory-Driven Computing Developer Toolkit, The Machine User Group, and more

  • Come meet the experts behind the software building blocks of programming in a Memory-Driven Computing environment
  • Take the first steps with the Memory-Driven Computing Developer Toolkit and a sign-up for The Machine User Group
  • The Gen-Z Consortium demonstrates the first step toward multi-vendor, open-standard interconnects
  • The Emerging Computing area introduces neuromorphic computing, Chaos IARPA work, optical computing, and a silicon photonics research
  • HPE is bringing 5G to the enterprise delivering intelligent access networks
  • Get into Managed Data Structures with HPE Persistent memory and HPE Edgeline Server with Texmark to gain timely real-time manufacturing analytics
  • View a host of infographics


Additional demos in partnership with HPE business units

  • HPE Deep Learning Cookbook – get your technology recipe to build a deep learning system

Deep Learning is a key enabling technology behind the recent revival of artificial intelligence. Adopted by a handful of tech giants and industry leaders for computer vision and speech recognition, it is of interest to many other companies who see the potential of this technology in different domains and believe it can have a profound effect on their businesses. Yet they don’t have expertise and resources to make informed decisions on optimal hardware and software to run deep learning workloads efficiently.  HPE’s Deep Learning Cookbook is here to help.

  • Memory-Driven Monte Carlo Simulations

This demo will illustrate how Memory-Driven Computing can give financial services users a leg up. The HPE high performance computing solution uses SuperdomeX to run Monte Carlo simulations in real time, providing insights for business decisions in seconds not hours or next day.

  • German research institute leverages Memory-Driven Computing to fight global time bomb of neurodegenerative diseases

As world populations age, the human and economic toll of incurable neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s becomes staggering. The German Center for Neurodegenerative Disease (DZNE) is fighting these diseases using Big Data analytics, but the limitations of traditional computer systems have been a major bottleneck. Seeking a breakthrough solution, the DZNE turned to an HPE platform harnessing Memory-Driven Computing principles, leading to unprecedented computational speed improvements that hold new promise in the race against Alzheimer’s.

Register to attend on the HPE Discover website.

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