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Students visit HP Labs Bristol


Contributed by Lucy Feilen, Communications Manager HP Labs Bristol




Last week, students from the Priory Community School in Bristol visited the HP Labs site for a half day to learn more about HP Labs, storage works and hear from some of our engineers about their career journey. The group of 11–16 year-olds also heard from the site’s HR manager about how they can advance their future careers through internships and work experience.


They visited the site’s data center to learn about current HP products. Many had never seen a data center before and were amazed at the size of the server racks and how noisy and warm it could be walking around them. They also visited the storage development and test areas and learned how we test our prototype products before they’re manufactured to ensure that they are robust and fit for different locations and climates. The group also visited the HP Labs briefing center to find out about how HP sees the future of technology and what computing is likely to be like when they’re old enough to enter the work force.


The tour ended with a photo opportunity outside the HP Labs building. The teachers conveyed how impressed they were with the tour and the efforts of all the HP staff involved.  They hoped that hearing from HP staff about their work will inspire the children to consider pursuing a career in technology.




Photos by Greg Trezise

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